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Roll Of Capt. John Wilson’s Company

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(County Unknown)

Served from May 8, until May 29, 1813, and from July 26, until August 26, 1813.

Capt. John Wilson
Ensign, Elias Brock
Sergt. William Gibson
Sergt. David Groves
Sergt. Michael Bash
Sergt. Levi Cantrell
Cor. John Phebus
Corp. Solomon Crose
Corp. John C. Davis
Corp. Joseph Downing
Corp. John Scott
Corp. Henry Warner
Musician, Alexander Ross
Musician,Isaac Hutchison


Adder, John
Alkue, Samuel
Anderson, Joel
Blair, Michael
Brock, William
Buck, James
Carder, George
Carpenter, Ira
Cartright, Samuel
Cartwal, Samuel
Casto, Abel
Cherry, Moses
Clemons, John
Cochern, Cornelius
Cochran, Thomas
Craft, James
Crath, James
Crawford, George
Cubberly, Job
Cubberly, William
Dawson, Isaac
Dawson, James
Dennison, James
Dickison, Charles
Downing, Francis
Downing, Robert
Foster, Joshua
Gates, Nehemiah
Graham, James
Gregg, William
Hand, George
Hanis, David
Harriman, Charles
Harris, John
Harris, Jonothan
Hobough, Samuel
Hosey, Anderson
Hubbard, Titus
Jimmison, William
Johnston, Abraham
Kerr, Samuel
King, John
Kingsey, Michael
Kingsey, Stephen
Knox, Ralph
Lafford, Joseph
Legg, Elijah
Mann, William
Martin, John
Montgomery, Hugh
Moore, Nicholas
Morris, Samuel
Oxford, Abel
Pancake, Joseph
Patton, John
Potter, John
Powers, Joseph
Roseberry, John
Rowan, William
Saward, Robert
Scott, Robert
Shields, John
Spencer, Thomas
Springer, Thomas
Stewart, Robert
Stockton, David
Stone, Marshall
Thompson, John
Troxell, Isaac
Vance, Daniel
Warner, John
Warner, Robert
Watson, Abraham
Watson, David
Wright, Ira
Wright, James

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