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Roll Of Capt. John Davis’ Company

(Probably from Greene Co.)

Served from May 3, until May 20, 1813.

Capt. John Davis
Lieut. David M. Laughead
Lieut. Stephen Commwell
Cornet, Henry Barnes
Sergt. John B. Todd
Sergt. Adam Shigley
Sergt. David Hanes
Sergt. John John


Barker, Joseph
Black, Peter
Blue, Davis
Clifford, Thomas
Devone, John
Elam, John
Gibson, John
Gill, Hugh
Glum, Thomas
Lamm, Josiah
McFarland, John
Mitchell, James
Munthoud, Ephraim
Shanks, Thomas
Shaw, Amos
Talbert, Josiah G.
Taylor, John A
Vance, John
Watson, James
West, William
White, John

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