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Roll Of Capt. John Campbell’s Mounted Company

(Probably from Ross County)

Served from September 13, until December 9, 1814.

Capt. John Campbell
Lieut. Samuel Ellis
Lieut. Peter Shaw
Lieut. John Evans
Sergt. David Lawwill
Sergt. Joseph Runnels
Sergt. Jonothan Wisner
Sergt. Charles Larsh
Sergt. James Brownfield
Musician, James Lawwill


Bishop, Peter
Canley, Thomas
Conn, Robert
Cooper, Thomas
Copple, Daniel
Davison, William
Dunlap, Alexander
Edwards, George
Elaney, Moses
Ellis, Jeremiah
Ellis, Jesse
Elsey, Lewis
Gardner, Simon
Glendenning, John
Greenley, William
Grimes, William
Hewitt, Richard
Key, Samuel M
Knox, John
Kratzer, Joseph
Mahaffey, William
McPherson, Samuel
Middleton, William
Newlen, James
Parker, William
Payn, Benjamin
Pricherd, James
Prickett, William
Pritchard, Jacob
Rains, Alexander
Rains, John
Reid, Traves
Runnels, Henry
Scott, John
Shaw, James
Shaw, Russle
Shreve, Caleb
Springer, Job
Stewart, William
Stewart, William M
Stivers, James
Turner, John
Wherry, James
Wills, James
Wills, William
Wisby, Joseph

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