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Roll Of Capt. John Bartholomew’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from July 31, Until September 5, 1813.

Capt. John Bartholomew
Lieut. Jeremiah Johnson
Ensign Samuel Hull
Lieut. George Hull
Sergt. Abraham Bennet
Sergt. Peter Card
Sergt. James Cunningham
Sergt. James Ward
Sergt. Hannah Fory
Sergt. George Gregar
Corp. William Sain
Corp. George Hull
Corp. Samuel Morphey
Corp. Levi Duke
Corp. Henry Trout
Corp. Joshua Brown


Allberry, Thomas
Baker, Ephraim
Baker, Joseph
Beam, Benjamin
Beam, John
Brown, Jacob
Brown, James
Burn, Daniel
Chapman, William
Clark, William
Claybough, William
Coffman, Peter
Coklo, Jeremiah
Cool, Isaac
Courssen, John
Critten, James
Debott, William
Dixon, John
Elliot, Alexander
Elliot, Samuel
Evans, John H.
Farmer, John H.
Fiddler, John
Galor, John
Gilmore, John
Green Michael
Green, John
Green, Michael
Green, William
Haines, Isaac
Haines, Joseph
Hamil, Thomas
Haniel, James
Harris, Isaac
Harris, John
Harris, William
Herbeit, James
Hoover, Eli
Hoover, Samuel
Horn, William
Howel, David
Hull, Uriah
Hunter, Adam
Hunter, John
Iler, John
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, William
Kneff, George
Lake, Willis
Lipengeit, Ephraim
Livingston, Peter
Luke, Redmond
Marbed, John
Orr, Robert
Parr, John
Parr, Thomas
Pickering, Jacob
Pogne, Samuel
Roads, John
Sellers, William
Shepher, James
Siglar, Peter
Simpson, William
Sprag, David
Stotts, Daniel
Sutton, Jobn
Wayman, James
Wheeler, Samuel
Wilkins, Samuel
Winegaide, Adam
Young, John

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