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Roll Of Capt. Joel Collin’s Company

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(Probably from Butler County)

Served from August 11, 1812 until February, 1813.

Capt. Joel Collins
Lieut. Ephraim Gard
Ensign, John Hall
Sergt. Jeremiah Gard
Sergt. David Sutton
Sergt. Joseph Haines
Sergt. John Price
Corp. Zechariah Parish
Corp. Joseph Douglas
Corp. George Sutton
Corp. Jacob Gard
Fifer, Hays Taylor
Drummer, Henry Thompson


Anderson, James
Beeler, George
Bone, John
Boys, George
Broadburn, Simeon
Broadbury, James
Brown, John
Carper, John
Carr, James
Casker, James
Cmne, William
DeCamp, William
Dencen, John
Dickard, Jacob
DUlcoe, Vincent
Gard Moses
Garver, Peter
Gates, Jacob
Gower, Jacob
Gray, Robert
Howard, Thomas
Hyder, John
Isaacs, John
Jones, Henry
Kerr, Jacob
Kirkpatrick, George
Lintner, Aildrew
Malone, John
Malone, Samuel
Mansfield, John
Martin, James
McKinstry, John
McMaken, Joseph
McManus, William
McNeal, James
Megongle, Phillip
Mosteller, Christopher
Newkirk, Robinson
Owens, Silas
Pilson, Robert
Pine, Benjamin
Price, Joseph
Rainy, William
Reath, William
Rinehart, Jacob
Rutledge, Isaac
Sackett, John
Salmon, Jacob
Scott, John E
Scott, Richard
Shields, John
Simpson, Samuel
Sinnors, John
Smaley, James
Smith, Andrew
Smith, David
Smith, William
SmUey, John
Stark, Archibald
Steele, Samuel
Steil, Alexander
Stephen, Thomas
Stephens, Samuel
Stonebrake, John
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, William
Suttons William
Taylor, Robert
Thompson, Samuel
Tigard, George
Tigard, William
Watson, Eber
Watson, Isaac
Wickart, Joseph
Wilever, Joseph
Wilson, Thomas
Woodfin, Nicholas
Woods, Andrew

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