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Roll Of Capt. James Wilson’s Mounted Company

(Probably from Ross County)

Served from September 28, until October 5, 1812.

Capt. James Wilson
Capt. Allen Trimble
Lieut. James Wilson
Ensign Joseph McClain
Lieut. Joseph McClain
Ensign James Odell
Sergt. William Head
Sergt. Samuel Keys
Sergt. David Mitchell
Sergt. Joseph Davidson


Blunt, Elf
Blunt, Solomon
Boatman, George
Boyd, Samuel
Bryam, Edward
Chaney, Benjamin
Chapman, Isaac
Chenney, Nathan
Combs, Job
Crawford, Alexander
Davidson, John
Dunham, Samuel
Evans, Isaac
Grady, James
Greenfield, John
Hare, William
Hindman, John
Hinton, Benjamin
Hinton, William
Hougham, Isaac
Hulet, William
Keys, John
King, William
Lantz, Henry
May, James
McConnel, David
Moyes, Littleberry
Mushow, Solomon
Nichols, George
Odell, James
Odell, Thomas
Parmer, John
Patton, William
Rocklhold, John
Sharp, Amdrew
Shelts, Peter
Smallic, Isaac
Smith, Jeremiah
Stafford, James
Strain, Samuel B
Stutts, Jacob
Swadley, Jacob
Swearingen, Duke
Trop, Jacob
West, Hiram
White, William
Wilson, James
Wilson, Thomas

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