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Roll Of Capt. James Jeffries’ Company

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(County Unknown)

Served from August 29, until September 9, 1812.

Capt. James Jeffries
Capt. Samuel Baird
Ensign, John Day


Armstrong, James
Baird, James
Ball, James
Bateson, Samuel
Beard, Benjamin
Betchman, Joseph
Bonny, Nathaniel
Brown, Joshua
Burgess, Joseph
Bush, Jacob
Carroll, David
Carroll, Thomas
Chandler, Daniel
Clayhold, Joseph H
Cowden, John
Crooks, Jacob
Croy, Benjamin
Curick, Daniel
Cussack, Andrew
Decaver, Levi
Dile, Burton
Dile, John P
Dusinberry, John
Edgell, Asa
Edgell, Moses
Ellison, Thomas
Embrick, John
Evans, John
Ferson, Robert
Flowers, Joseph
Foreacre, John
German, Moses
Gibson, Thomas
Good, Jacob
Gooden, Moses
Gooden, Samuel
Graper, George
Hamilton, Samuel
Hammell, Charles
Hammell, Mathias
Hanner, George
Harrington, John
Hartsell, John
Hendrick, John
Howler, John
Hull, John
Knox, Tillman
Kreizer, George
Longwell, James
Martin, Joseph
Mills, Joseph
Mills, Samuel
Parker, Benyan
Petite, Samuel
Petite, Thomas
Phillips, John
Pierce, Nicholas
Rees, Michael
Richmond, Joseph
Robarm, Charles
Rum, John
Russel, Richard
Ryder, Adam
Sample, Benjamin
Shaw, John
Skinner, George
Smith, Jesse
Sniff, Martin
Stakeley, David
Stapers, William
Throert, James
Tonner, David
Tool, Benjamin
Turner, William
Wallace, James C.
Walls, Eli

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