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Roll Of Capt. Jacob Young’s Company

(From Knox and Richland Counties.)

Served from August 26, until October 31, 1812.

Capt. Jacob Young
Lieut. George Sapp
Lieut. Insly Johnston
Ensign, John Parcel
Ensign, Amos H. Royer
Ensign, Daniel Ayres
Sergt. Ziba Jackson
Sergt. Jesse Inlow
Sergt. Andrew Kirkpatric
Sergt. Peter Wolf
Sergt. John Logan
Sergt. Joseph Denman
Sergt. Henry George
Corp. William Evans
Corp. William Tucker
Corp. James Johnston
Corp. Peter Johnston
Corp. Daniel Conger
Corp. Noah Young
Drummer, John Halderman
Fifer, Mathew Merrit


Arbuckle, Samuel
Aust1n, James
Austin, David
Bal’ Hiram
Barcus, James
Beers, Jabez
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, John, Jr.
Bryan, Ellab
Bue, Samuel
Conger, Thomas
Cremer, John
Dalrymple, Israel
Davis, Azaniah, Jr.
Davis, David
Day, Josiah D
Denman, Uriah
Dickson, Miron
Drake, William
Fitting, Castar
George, Richard
Harris, Elijah
Herrod, John
Herrod, William
Holt, James
Huffmire, William
Inlow, Isaac
Irwin, James
Johnston, Samuel
Kimbel, Daniel
Knight, William
Lepley, George
Lewis, Samuel
Lindley, John P.
Lyon, Absalom
Lyon, Benjamin
McCreary, James
Melick, David
Mirick, Higgins
Mitchell, Nathaniel
Morrison, John
Nuffmore, Wilson
Ogden, James
Ostin, James
Peoples, David
Pierce, George
Robinson, William
Rush, Peter
Sams, Andrew
Shaw, David
Shur, Jacob
Slater, John
Spurgeon, James
Strong, Truman
Talmage, Joseph
Thomas, William
Walker, Alexander
Walker, John
Welker, Solomon
Williams, Thomas
Woodruff, Stephen

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