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Roll Of Capt. Isaac Meridith’s Company

(Probably from Coshocton County).

Served from August 26, 1814, until February, 1815.

Capt. Isaac Meridith
Lleut. Andrew Wharton
Ensign, Henry Kidner
Sergt. Samuel Stephens
Sergt. Elijah Collins
Sergt. Lemuel Steel
Corp. Thomas Allen
Corp. Samuel Elson
Corp. William Heburn
Corp. Ephraim Thayer
Musician, Jacob D. Brown
Musician, Edward DeLong


Benedict, Alvin
Bingit, William
Brown, Joseph
Brown, William
Bryant, William, Jr.
Bryant, William, Sr.
Cass, Ira
Caterman, Michael
Corson, John
Cosner, William
Crazier, James
Croy, Alexander
Cullins, John
Culver, Levi
Cummings, James
Debarton, Thomas
Edwards, John
Gibson, John
Gillum, Samuel
Greenfield, John
Hardy, Thomas
Henry, George
Hyet, Moses
Jennings, Bailies
Johnson, George
Ketcham, Zepheniah
Kidner, John
Lane, Benjamin
Lane, Dutton
Lawrence, Thomas
Lefler, George
Long, Joseph
Mathews, Noah
McClung, Thomas
McGiffin, John
McMallon, John
Mealman, John
Meridith, Henry
Miller, Phillip
Moore, William
Newman, George
Parker, Nathaniel
Phillips, Adam
Ray, John
Sanderson, Robert
Sanderson, William
Stafford, Richard
Stephenson, Moses
Sugner, John
Thompson, David
White, Thomas
Workman, Thomas

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