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Roll Of Capt. George Sanderson’s Company

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27th United States Infantry.

(From Fairfield, Franklin, and Delaware Counties, and part of Western Reserve.)

Served In 1813 and 1814.

Capt. George Sanderson
Lieut. Abner P. Risney or
Lieut. John H. Mifford
Lieut. Arora or Ahdory Butler Pinney
Ensign William Hall
Lieut. Abraham Fisk
Lieut. Andrew Bushnell
Sergt. Chaney Case
Sergt. Maj. Linus Williams Lieut. Ira Morse
Sergt. John Neibling
Sergt. Chauncey Miller
Sergt. John Vanmeter
Corp. Peter Cary or Gary
Sergt. Joshua Pierce
Sergt. Robert Sanderson
Corp. Smith Headley
Corp. John Dugan
Sergt. Luther Edson
Corp. Daniel T. Bartholomew Corp. John Collings
Drummer John C. Sharp or Jonathan C. Shupe
Fifer Adam Leeds or Abraham Deeds


Alloways, Joseph
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, William
Atkins, John
Baker, Daniel
Bartholomew John
Bartholomew, Samuel
Bartholomew. Abraham
Battiese, John
Beaty, John
Beebee, Sheldon
Benjamin, Daniel
Berryman, John
Billings, Thomas
Bixler, Henry
Boyl, Thomas
Braden, James
Brady, Eli
Brown, James
Burdinoo, Charles
Busley or Bussey, John
Cabe or Cole, Chester P.
Cady, Samuel
Cady, William
Canely, Peter
Canway, Jacob
Canway, Lewis
Carlton, Almon
Case, Henry
Case, Nathan
Cassy, Archibald
Clark, Chaney
Clark, Joseph
Clay, Joseph
Collins, Holden R
Cook, Stephen
Cremens, Blades
Crosby, David
Daily, Benjamin
Daugherty, George
Davis, Jesse
Devore, Enos
Draper, Asa
Dunham, Walter
Ellinger, Joseph
Evans, John
Faid, John
Filkall, Daniel
Forsythe, John
Fulk, Peter
Gates, William L.
Gause, Samuel
Gibson, Joseph
Gregory, Elenathan
Grimes, Ephraim
Haggarty, James
Hall, John
Harberson, John
Harter, John
Hartman, Frederick
Headley, Jacob
Hinkley, Josiah
Holcomb, Perlin
Hughes, David
Hunt, John
Icas, John
Jackson, James
Jee, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John L.
Joice, Ambrose
Jones, James
Kincaid, James or Jonas
Kinisman, Samuel
Kisler, John
Kissinger, George
Kitzmiller, Jonothan
Lanther, or Luther, William
Larimore, or Larimon, Joseph
Leathers or Lathere, Fred
Leonard or Loveland, Merinas W
Leonard, Amos
List, Henry
Mains, Henry
Mapes, Thomas
McBride, John
McClair, or McClain, William
McClung, John
McClung, Joseph
McConkey or McCarkey, John
McConnell, John
McCord, Alexander
McElwayne, John
McGarvey, Maurice
MeCloud, Frances
Merrill, Hosea
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Peter
Moore, or Mose, James
Mullen or Mellow, Joshua
Naper, William
Nickerson, Isacher
Osborn, George
Paine, Powell or Roswell
Palmer, Luther
Parkhurst or Burkhardt, Ben
Parks, George
Pierce, Arzell
Pratt, Lemuel, or Samuel
Raphy, George
Ray, John
Reed, William
Ridenour, David
Rogers, Elijah
Rose, Asa
Senor, or Siner Adam
Serdan, Jonothan
Severs, David
Severs, John
Shadley, Henry
Shadwick, George
Sharp, Thomas
Sheanar, Solomon
Shears, Mynder
Shoup, or Shroup, Jacob
Shypower, or Shyhawk,
Skolls or Skills, Henry
Smith, Charles
Smith, Christian B
Smith, John
Spry, Perry
Strait, Hendy C
Straller or Stratler, Joseph
Summers, Ephraim
Sunderland, John
Taylor, David S
Tesler, Frederick
Thorp P Benjamin
Thorp, John I
Trevinger, Jacob
Tucker, Frederick
Twadle, Joseph
Tyler, Seymoor
Vancleaf, P
Vanney, I
Vanney, L
Walker, Alexander
Wallace, William
Walters, David
Watson, William
Weaver, James
Welshaus, John
Wheatley, Thomas
Wheeler, Jacob
White, Ansel
Williams, Flavel
Wilson, Archibald
Wilson, Joseph
Wolffly, Coonrod
Woodsworth, D
Wright, Joseph
Young, J
Zeigler or, Zipler, Daniel
Zimmerman, Henry

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