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Roll Of Capt. Francis Patterson’s Company

(County Unknown).

Served from October 17, 1812, until December 22, 1813.

Capt. Francis Patterson
Lieut. David Scott
Ensign, James Merris
Sergt. William Patterson
Sergt. George Bradford
Sergt. Michael Lennon
Sergt. Archibald Campbell
Corp. Eliza Griffith
Corp. Jacob John
Corp. Daniel Houser
Corp. Robert Kiddle


Beard, John
Bedele, Calvin
Blue, Frederick
Christian, John
Clark, Solomon
Crane, William
Croy, Peter
Culbertson, Robert
Duncan, Robert
Dye, Andrew
Garard, Isaac
Greer, John
Guthrie, James
Haines, Ephraim
Hannah, Thomas
Hosier, Isaac
Hurley, Robert
Jackson, Jesse
Kirby, John
Kiser, John
Lehman, Henry
Maloy, James
Meeker, John
Morgan, Cornelius
Moyer, Isaac
Neff, Lewis
Newman, William
Perry, Orin
Rogel, Jacob
Seth, George
Shaffer, John
Shephard, Thomas
Shover, Jacob
Sprague, Stephen
Tanner, Edward
Underwood, John
Vinyard. Rezin
Weaver, Peter
Wilson, Samuel
Wollaston, George
Woolfe, Conrad

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