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Roll Of Capt. David Lyon’s Company

(Probably from Ross County).

Served from July 28, until September 4, 1813.

Capt. David Lyon
Lieut. Levi Hodges
Lieut. Abraham Bennet
Ensign William How
Sergt. John Berry
Sergt. John Loke
Sergt. George Beshong
Sergt. William Rhea
Corp. James Tewell
Corp. Joseph Loke
Corp. Peter Provott
Corp. James Morrison
Drummer, Peter Fisher
Fifer, Henry Rout


Albright, Henry
Bailey, Stephen
Blake, William
Brown, John
Burk, Robert
Burk, William
Chinworth, William
Clemans, Joseph
Davis, Remembrance W
Dougherty, James
Downing, William
Drake, Jordan
Foster, Isaac
Foster, Joseph Jr.
Foster, William
Guthrie, George
Hampton, Francis
Hellenbach, William
Higginbotham, James
Higginbotham, William
House, John
Howard, Ephraim
Johnston, George
Johnston, John
Kellenger, Jacob
Kellison, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Samuel
Loney, James
Mathews, John
Mathews, Joseph
McCray, Alexander
McCray, Nathan
Miller, David
Moore, Edward
Mounts, Asa
Nixon, Allen
Nolland, William
Ogg, John
Ottwell, John
Parsons, Ezeklal
Peters, Thomas
Phillips, Benjamin
Pittenger, James
Provott, Thomas
Pry, Jacob
Sergeant, James
Sewell, Joseph
Summers, Benjamin
Switzerv Abraham
Thorp, Thomas
Williams, John
Wright, James

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