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Roll Of Capt. Chancey Barker’s Company

(Probably from Franklin County)

Served from Augrust 24, until September 15, 1812. Part served from May 4, until May 27, 1813.

Capt. Chancey Barker
Lieut. Samuel Maynard
Ensign Hector Kilbourn
Sergt. Eliphalet Barker
Sergt. Ethan Palmer
Sergt. Berkley Comstock
Sergt. Silas Barlow
Corp. William Thompson
Corp. Abraham Phelps
Corp. William Derrickson
Corp. Isaac Harrison
Musician, Andrews, Noah


Allen, Isaac
Benedict, Asahel
Brient, Jeremiah
Case, Orlando
Chapman, Albert
Cochrane, Nathaniel
Cooper, John
Crippen, Joseph
Crippin, John
Crosby, Charles
Derickson, John
Faulkner, Joshua N
Fisher, Isaiah
Glisby, Enos
Griswold, Isaac
Hills, James H.
Hoffman, Jacob
Hone, Henry
Impson, William
Kilbourn, John
Kirk, John
Knight, Oreno
Lee, Asa
Maxfield, Amos
Maynard, Amos, Jr.
Maynard, Moses
McCutchan, Robert
Mitchell, Newman
Moore, Simeon, Sr.
Olmsted, Francis
Phelps, Abraham
Puntney, Aquilla,
Rugg, Origen
Shirp, Ganit
Skeels, Bellas H
Smith, John
Stanherry, Recompense
Tolland, Thomas
Toppin, Zopher
Turbee, Mathias
Weaver, Asa, Jr.
Wheele, Herman
White, William
Wilcox, Asa
Willard, Windsor
Wilson, Samuel
Yonel, John

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