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Roll Of Capt. Caleb Hoskins’ Company

(Probably from Ross County).

Served from July 28, until September 7, 1813, part served from January 3. until April 10, 1815.

Capt. Caleb Hoskins
Lieut. Seth Vanmater
Lieut. Aaron Foster
Ensign Andrew Smalley
Ensign Hugh Cook
Sergt John Moore
Sergt. David Coblar
Sergt. Christopher Beekman
Sergt. Nathaniel Chapman
Sergt. William Hartell
Sergt. Joseph Ross
Sergt. John McCord
Corp. Morwin Williams
Corp. William Hanes
Corp. Simon Shumaker
Corp. John Pollard
Corp. John Highley
Corp. Levin Right
Corp. John Anderson
Corp. Isaac Rockhold
Musician, Henson David
Musician, William Davis


Adams, William
Bamfield, John
Beddle, George
Beekman, James
Beekman, John
Bodkins, George
Bowman, John
Braley, James
Burk, James
Burnes, Robert
Carson, Joseph
Carter, Daniel
Carter, Samuel
Cauchy, Samuel
Clines, George
Cloud, Thomas
Cooper, John
Corkwell, Henry
Corn, Jonothan
Cross, James
Cross, Thomas
Crouch, William
Crow, David
Cummins, Thomas
Danes, Daniel
David, James
Davison, Benjamln
Dickup, Frederick
Downing, John
Dungen, William
Florow, Joshua
Freeland, Jacob
Gilmore, John
Grogan, James
Guthridge, Thomas
Hamilton, Samuel
Harmon, Henry
Hibbs, Jacob
Hughes, Samuel
Hurdman Henry
Hurdman, Michael
Ivans, John
Izard, Eli
Jackson, Jesse
Johnston, John
Kees, Cane
Kimble, William
Kingery, Berry
Kuder, George
Lockhart, Thomas
Lowderbeck, Zach
Markland, William
McDonald, James
McGarah, William
McGee, John
McWhorter, Henry
Michael. George
Miller, George
Mines, James
Morrison, James
Mulford. Ezekial
Mustard, Samuel.
Myers, Jacob
Ouley, Nicholas
Pike, Jarviss
Porter, James
Pucket, Redman
Railer, Adam
Roads, Aden
Satterfield, William
Shard, Nathaniel
Shelah, George
Spears, William
Strope, Harvey
Suderfield, Charles
Suderfield, James
Tansey, Eli
Taylor, William
Thomas, Asia
Towers, William
Travis, Robert
Treber, Jacob
Van Nule, Absalom
VanBuckerk, Thomas
Watson, Loren
Weak, George
Wilson, James
Wilson, John

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