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Roll Of Capt. Aaron Allen’s Company

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Served from September 15, 1812 until March 16, 1811

Capt. Aaron Allen
Lieut. John Vantilburgh
Ensign, William Mills
Sergt. James Clare
Sergt. Richard Shaw
Sergt. John Farquer
Sergt. Thomas Henderson
Corp. Christopher Abel
Corp. Hugh Livingston
Corp. James Johnston
Corp. David Workman


Abel, Benjamin
Asher, Anthony
Ault, Phillip
Avery, Samuel
Ayers, James
Barnes, Obediah
Bay, Robert
Betmer, Adam
Brown, Nehemiah
Brown, William
Burchfield, Frederick
Burris, Emery
Campbell, Alexander
Cann, Alexander
Carson, John
Carson, Samuel
Carter, Ryan
Caughey, Joseph
Close, John
Corbit, Lewis
Crofford, Alexander
Davis, Henry
Degoin, John 0,
Doyell, Anthony
Durall, Thomas
Ellison, James
Fishell, Frederick
Fisher, John
Fivecoat, Michael
Flecker, Abraham
Freet, David
George, John
Gibson, Joseph
Glodman, Michael
Graden, Thomas
Grim, Martin
Haller, Samuel
Haning, Jacob
Hardebrook, Jerome
Hardebrook, John
Harr, Jolm
Harriman, John
Haverfield, Joseph
Hickory, John
Hill, James
Hill, William
Hitchcock, John
Hoye, John
Hukell, James
Jackman, Thomas
James, John
Jinnings, Nathaniel
Kean, James
Kerr, Samuel
Lane, Samuel
Lees, Samuel
Lisle, Jacob
Logue, John
Lyons, John
Lyse, Robert
Main, Samuel
Malen, Joseph
Mays, James
McCalley, William
McCaskey, David
McClelland, Foils
McClerg, Robert
McClintock, William
McCloud, William
McNiles, Thomas
Miller, Jacob
Milter, Jacob
Montgomery, William
Moody, John
Morehead, James
Myers, Emanuel
Myers, Tacob
Myon, Jacob
Packman, Thomas
Palmer, George
Peterson, John
Pugh, Isaac
Quillen, Adam
Quin, John
Ralston, Jnseph
Ralston, Robert
Ray, James
Reynolds, Caleb
Richardson, Mathew
Rickey, Daniel
Ritter, Benjamin
Roysell, Job
Russell, Robert
Rutledge, William
Shaffer, Phillip
Shawber, Jacob
Shepherd, John
Simmons, Adam
Sissions, Benjamin
Skelton, John
Skelton, W1111am
Smith, John
Smith, Samuel
Speed, Allen
Steven, Daniel
Stewart, James
Stokes, John
Taylor, John
Thompson, Moses
Welsh, Daniel
Wheeler, Nicholas
Willits, John

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