Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery is on the Thigpen Farm. Located South of Bethel, NC On the left side in a field seen from the highway. As you turn on Thigpen look to your right you will seen the small cemetery.

Name Birth Death Comments County & State
Dellaz Whitehurst 5/4/1862 3/14/1889 Pitt County, NC
Agness H Brown 3/25/1874 February 21, 1917 Pitt County, NC
Herbert P Brown 3/12/1874 December 22, 1930 Pitt County, NC
Mary E 9/20/1837 August 13, 1908 Wife of MD Whitehurst Our Mother Pitt County, NC
MD Whitehurst 5/13/1828 June 7, 1907 Our Father Pitt County, NC
Infant November 4, 1904 Son of CJ & Lalage Whitehurst Pitt County, NC
JRW Foot Stone Pitt County, NC

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