Major, Inf. 3rd Btn., 120th Inf., 30th Div., 120th Reg.; of Franklin County; son of Willis and George T. Boddie. Husband of Lucie B. (Clifton) Boddie. Entered service July 25, 1917, at Louisburg, N.C. Remained until Aug. 30, 1917, at Louisburg, N.C., then to Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C., Aug. 30, 1917. Sailed for France May 8, 1918. Promoted to rank of Captain, April 9, 1915; to Major, Sept. 1, 1918. Fought at Ypres, Lys and Somme. Wounded at Somme Oct. 10, 1918, by machine gun bullet. Sent to British General Hospital No. 8, Rouen, France. Was Capt. Co. D, 120th Inf., which was a N. G. unit. Mustered out at Port of Charleston, S. C., Oct. 30, 1919.