Penny Hill Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

This cemetery is located on the Penny Hill off from Porter Road about a mile.

Name Birth Death Comments Pitt County, NC
Alexis L Thigpen 5.16.1879 6.10.1932
David S 7.21.1921 12.31.1921 Son of Dr. JF & Estelle Thigpen
Martha Elmina 11.1.1849 8.5.1926 Wife of Thadues A Thigpen
Thadeus A Thigpen 3.3.1847 9.27.1916
Joseph H 3.21.1875 7.3.1900 Son of Martha Elmina and TA Thigpen
Charlie A 9.17.1877 10.10.1877 Son of Martha Elmina and TA Thigpen
Laura B 1.27.1870 10.27.1875 Dau of Martha Elmina and TA Thigpen
Lovie G Thigpen 12.30.1867 10.8.1881
John A Thigpen 5.11.1871 8.17.1872
Edward A 2.14.1876 4.10.1880
Jessie L Thigpen 12.14.1840 5.19.1903
Francis M House 9.27.1938 12.8.1901 Wife of Jessie L Thigpen
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