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Jenkins Cemetery located on Price Road turn left off of Cemetery Road at the Bethel Cemetery at Bethel, Pitt Cty, NC. This is an African American Cemetery. They were many sunken graves. If this cemetery was cleaned up, more graves would be found. There are lots of slab markers, but earth, leaves, growth covered them up. I found several by accident.

John Lee11/22/19167/21/1917Son of CH & Dollie Perkins
Metter Boyett1/22/18511/20/1923
Louise8/1/1912Age 50 years Wife of Pet Barnhill
W O Morton10/18/18901/2/1919
Thurman Collier3/4/19241/6/1949
Julia A9/27/18927/28/1914Wife of Charlie Jenkins
Jessie D Hines7/26/19142/1/1968
Frank J Hines11/15/18533/8/1925
Annie StatonBorn 18865/3/1956Wife of John C Staton
Van Williams2/13/188612/23/1912
AlvestaBorn 1866Died 1946Wife of Jessie Barnhill
Jessie BarnhillBorn 1860Died 1933
Nina ManningGrandmother of Walter Manning. Walter lives on Cemetery Road. I asked him about the Jenkins Cemetery He told me his grandmother was buried there, but no marker.
Mary Magaline Martin2/15/19432/14/1957
Wiley Roberson12/24/19052/17/1963
J C Moore1/1/19198/21/1944
Johnie Langley2/15/18961/25/1943
Charlie Tillett7/2/19152/19/1937
John L Tillet7/18/19134/14/1928Son of JJ & Dora Tillett
Dora M Tillett11/4/18854/18/1952
Mrs Sarah of New York6/15/18738/25/1930Mother of Pearl Jenkins
David Brown8/13/187112/29/1924
B J JenkinsNo dates
S JenkinsNo dates
MM JenkinsNo dates
Moses MortonBorn 1895Died 1917
Louis Bullock2/22/19074/2/1950NC PFC 917 AAF SCTY BN WWII
Lester Bullock7/7/18969/1/1926Son of Mr & Mrs CL Bullock
Infant8/29/19158/29/1915Son of JH & Sarah Taylor
Zeffa Bullock9/22/18962/12/1931Daughter of CL Bullock
Hannah Moore1/29/18609/15/1922
Verna G Taylor12/9/19077/29/1934Daughter of JF Taylor
William Whitney3/1/19214/2/1922Son of Charlie & Lula Whitney
Roland Hines2/28/18967/11/1917Wife of Riley Hines
Rosa Barnhill3/1/18681/8/1937
Julia Wilson1/25/1926
Helen S Peel2/21/19212/3/1944
James Carney2/18/19196/22/1950NC PFC 679 Tank Destroyer BN WWII
M G Rogers9/1/18211/28/1907
Sallie Rogers11/25/18784/16/1919
Will Haggards11/6/1916Age 27 years
Mary W Vines10/1/190612/4/1965
Israel Boyd4/1/1917Age 26 years
Lula2/8/18947/22/1917Wife of Will McCray
Spincer Neal5/4/19024/4/1918Son of Nonie & Charlie Neal
Nonie Hollis12/15/18856/29/1953Wife of Charles Neal Father
Charlie Neal6/8/18771/13/1926Father
Easter12/15/18758/7/1932Wife of Sam McCray
William Howard, Jr6/16/19328/26/1945
Lonnie Lowe12/12/187411/7/1926
Rosalee10/22/19054/13/1911Daughter of Zobe & Malissa Barnhill
Malissa HHR9/1/186812/11/1921Wife of Zibe Barnhill Note sp of Zibe, Zobe
Richard12/23/19292/25/1950Son of Mr & Mrs Richard Moorning
David Mayo5/10/19201/10/1967
Dorothy4/27/19096/22/1917Daughter of Jethro & Balie Whitehurst
Cherry10/25/186210/25/1923Wife of Burt Martin
Robert8/25/19215/11/1922Son of LM & Carrie Marsh
George AnnerBorn 18671/3/1923Wife of Hoyt Brown
Ankie Brown2/27/18621/28/1923
C L Purvis6/23/18798/19/1922
William Ann Shine7/10/18902/5/1946
Ada Jones5/22/18975/13/1939Mother
Willie Mack Hopkins10/11/19373/4/1974SP4 US Army
Hannah Moore6/20/1929Wife of Josha Barnes 51 years
Bride Person4/14/18862/20/1965
Nannie P Stokes9/6/19384/4/1976
William BarnesFebruary 7, 18988/23/1959NCPF Co A 444 Res Labor BN WW I
Moses TaylorFebruary 14, 188512/23/1959
Vernon Carmack1/28/19387/4/1962

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