Ensign, Naval Air Service. Born in Johnston County, Feb. 10, 1898; son of Edw. and Carrie I. Pou. Husband of Margaret Roberts Pou. Entered service Feb. 10, 1916, at Washington, D. C. Sent to Ft. Myers, Va. Transferred to Canada. Then to Mt. Clements, then to Hampton Roads. Sailed for France March 18, 1918. Fought at Ile Tudy, Finisterre. Killed at Ile Tudy Harbor, October 28, 1918. Has Croix de Guerre and Bronze Star. Nine months’ border service. Commissioned 2nd Lt. of Cavalry at the age of 17, patrolling Air Coast U. S. before going abroad. Credited with sinking two submarines and exploding one mine by French Government.

On November 11, 1920, the President of the United States awarded to Edwin Smith Pou (posthumously) the Navy Cross for heroism in two actions against enemy submarines, on which occasion he was officially accredited with sinking one German submarine.