A list of Colored Apprentices that have been indentured in the County Court of Cleveland County since May 1866

Underage children who were not or could not be supported by their parents or were orphans were apprenticed by Freedmen’s Bureau officials to persons who would be responsible for their upbringing and welfare.

Cleveland County North Carolina Colored Apprentices 1866-1867

Year Term Masters Names Apprentices Names
1866 May 7 Eliza Weber Mary McAfee
1866 May 8 J. W. Tracy Sarah Jane Watts
1866 Aug 11 Elisha McBrayer Joe McBrayer
1866 Aug 11 Elisha McBrayer Edmund Birchett
1866 Aug 11 Elisha McBrayer Henry Birchett
1866 Aug 11 Elisha McBrayer Susa Birchett
1866 Nov 7 Samuel Posten Harris Posten
1866 Nov 7 James London Cephas Grigg
1866 Nov 7 Daniel Posten Horace Posten
1866 Nov 9 Elijah Eskridge Albert Eskridge
1866 Nov 10 L. N. Durham Will Culver
1866 Nov 10 L. N. Durham Fanny Culver
1866 Nov 10 Tom McSwain Jerry McSwain
1867 Feb 4 W. J. T. Miller Martin Miller
1867 Feb 4 David Evans Julian Cline (female)
1867 Feb 5 J. G. Webb Hilliary Thompson
1867 Feb 7 R. M. Roark Rufus Suford
1867 May 6 J. W. Tracy Rhoda & Donna Bordley
1867 May 8 F. L. Hoke Lucy Bordley
1867 Aug 5 D. Whisnant Dick Hall
1867 Aug 5 James A. Wray Charlotte Hall
1867 Aug 9 W. W. Green L. B. F. Green
1867 Aug 9 W. W. Green Riley W. Green

North Carolina
Cleveland County

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true list contains the names of all colored children that have been indentured by the County Court for the County aforesaid.
S. Williams, Clk.
Per M. F. Williams, D. C.

D. Whisnant Chm. County Court

[Box]Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication M843 Roll 35. “Indentures Sept. 1865 – Aug. 1867”[/box]