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Carteret County, North Carolina – Wills 1760-1799

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1777 ARTHUR, JOHN, James, Seth.

1719 BRICE, WILLIAM, Ann, William, Eliza, Frances.
1749 BORDEN, WILLIAM, William.
1753 BRICE, WILLIAM, Acton, Frances, Rigdon, William.
1766 BRYANT, NICHOLAS, Eleanor, John.
1769 BERKLEY, AYTWORTH, Abraham, Nancy.
1772 BENTHALL, REUBEN, Thomas, Jacob, Reuben, John.
1773 BENTHALL, JOHN, Reuben; Meadows, John.
1775 BELL, JOSEPH, David, Malachi, Caleb, Joseph, Andrew.
1781 BELL, SOLOMON, Owen.
1782 BELL, NUELL, John, Nuell, Nathan.
1784 BELL, DAVID, David, Sarah, Elizabeth.
1785 BACKHOUSE, JOHN, Allen, John.
1785 BAGWELL, ROBERT, Keziah.
1786 BARRINGTON, NATHAN, Isaac, John, Lawrence.
1787 BREER, HENRY, Sarah, Ross, James.
1788 BALL, NATHAN, Lee, Archie.
1788 BERY, JAMES, Mary, David, James; Fields, Nancy.
1788 BROWN, JOHN, Joshua, Moses; Brock, Mary.
1789 BRION, NATHAN, Nancy, Mary, Edward.
1792 BELL, JOSEPH, James, Nathaniel, Nuell.
1793 BELL, NUELL, Lesha.
1793 BREES, WILLIAM, David, William, James.
1794 BELL, GEORGE, Hepsabeth, Fort, Stephen, Edward, Mary; Borden, Joseph.
1799 BLOCKSON, SEVERN, Nancy, Jenny, Cassa, Hannah.
1799 BORDEN, WILLIAM, SR., William, Benjamin; Wood Alsey, Hatch, Hopey.

1768 CAVENAUGH, WADE, Abram, Mary, Jacob; Ward, Enoch.
1771 CHAPMAN, JOSHUA, Hester, Mary, Bridget, Sarah.
1774 CHADWICK, DAVID, Solomon.
1775 COALE, WILLIAM, Bell, Susanna, Elizabeth; Oglesby, Mary.
1782 CHURCH, CONSTANT, Shaw, Anthony.
1795 CANADAY, THOMAS, Solomon, Goffigan, Elizabeth.

1763 DUDLEY, ELIJAH, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary.
1766 DUDLEY, JACOB, Fanny, Miriam.
1774 DUDLEY, CHRISTOPHER, Elijah, Christopher, Abraham.
1774 DUFFY, PELEG, Hannah, Sarah, Ruth, Aimme, Peleg, George, Watson, Walter.
1792 DAVIS, JOSEPH, Thomas, Joseph, William.
1794 DAVIS, SOLOMON W., Logan, Samuel, Enoch, Nathan, Anthony, Allen, Clarey, Betsey; Wiley, Tamar.
1797 DILL, EDWARD, John, Benjamin, Edward.

1779 EAVES, RICHARD, Sarah, Isaac.

1768 FULLER, EDWARD, John, Edward, Nathan, Belcher, Rebecca.

1766 GARNER, SAMUEL, Janie (wife) and children (not named).
1769 GARNER, FRANCIS, Jeremiah, Eleanor.
1770 GASKILL, WILLIAM, William, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Benjamin, Joseph, Jacob.
1778 GILLIKIN, THOMAS, Thomas, Alex., Sarah, Uner, Jane, Benjamin, Jessie, James, George.
1792 GREEN, SAMUEL, Cassandra, Esther, Zach, Archelus, Jonathan.
1793 GOULDING, THOMAS, Mary; Smith, Elizabeth.
1794 GARNER, JOHN, Lucy (wife) and children (not named).
1798 GOODWIN, LUCRETIA, Mary, Oliver; Daniels, Annis, Thomas, Lucretia.

1765 HOCKER, EBENEZER, Ebenezer, Zachariah, James.
1767 HARPER, JOHN, John, Sarah, Lydia, Elizabeth.
1767 HERBERT, HILARY, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, William, Hilary.
1777 HAY, HANNAH, Hannah, Wade, Thomas.
1780 HUNTER, EZEKIEL, Cassy, Elizabeth, Ruth, Jennie, Jethro.
1782 HANCOCK, HENRY, Caswell, Susannah.
1791 HELLEN, JONATHAN, Elizabeth, Jonathan.
1791 HUFF, RICHARD, Thomas, Richard, Mary, Judy, Elizabeth.
1797 HATSELL, WILLIAM, Armistead, Willie, Harrod.
1797 HERBERT, HILARY, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah, William.
1798 HILL, ABRAHAM, Annie.
1798 HOWLAND, SAMUEL, Matty, Mary, Bathsheba, Huldy William, Charity.
1799 HUMPHREYS, NATHANIEL, Hill, John; Gill, Jack, George.

1769 LAWRENCE, JOHN, John, Jacob, Laban.
1779 LOWELL, HANNAH, Fulford, Hannah, Alex.
1780 LONGEST, JOSHUA, James, Joshua; Yates, Sarah.
1795 LEWIS, THOMAS, Susanna, Prudence.

1766 MORGAN, JOHN, Mark, William, Mary, Dorothy.
1777 MITCHELL, ABRAHAM, wife and children (not named).
1784 MORSE, JOSEPH, Daniel, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Susanna, Hannie, Alice, James, Theodore.
1791 MARLBONE, LEMUEL, Josephus, Peter; Howland, Christopher.
1793 MORSE, JOSHUA, Jacob, Jason, Isaac, Esther, Rebecca.

1797 NELSON, ROBERT, Taylor, James; Bishop, John, Styron, Amasa, William; Austin, Thomas.
1799 NELSON, MARY, William.

1766 OWENS, WILLIAM, Arthur, William.
1796 OGLESBIE, THOMAS, Gideon, John, Absalom, Thomas, Levy.

1762 PIGGOTT, JOHN, Oliver, John, William.
1789 PIGGOTT, ELIJAH, William, Elijah, Culpepper, Ithamor, Levi, Ralph, Jeconias.

1755 READ, GEORGE, Robert.
1761 RUSTULL, RICHARD, Elizabeth, Huggins, Sarah, Willis, John, Mary.
1766 ROBINSON, JOSEPH, Allen, Elizabeth; Gooding, Lucretia.
1787 ROBINSON, ANN, Allen; Lupton, Annis; Williston, Grace.

1760 SHACKLEFORD, KEZIAH, Freeman, Ellis, Susanna, Lydia, Sarah.
1760 SHAW, JOHN, James; Waldron, Sarah, John.
1760 SIMPSON, JOSEPH, John, Edward, Joseph, Corse, Rossiter.
1784 SAVORY, ROBERT, Judy, Richard.
1784 SMITH, JOHN, Thomas.
1787 SMITH, THOMAS, Thomas, Mary, Sarah.
1788 STANTON, HOPE, Joseph, William, Borden, Benjamin, Ruth.
1790 SANDERS, SAMUEL, Mary, Sarah, Daniel, David, William, John, Samuel, James.
1793 STIRON, JOHN, John, Samuel, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, Joyce.
1795 SANDERS, THOMAS, Thomas.
1796 SMITH, THOMAS, John, Reuben.
1799 SAMSON, SILVIA, Mary, Abraham.
1799 SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM. Anne. William, James, George.
1799 STANTON, BENJAMIN, James, Benjamin, Joseph, Henry, David; Scott, Elizabeth; Thomas, William, Annie.
1799 STIRON, SAMUEL, John, Littleton, Verty, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Abigail, Miriam, Hannah; Rose, Joseph.

1796 TOLSON, WILLIAM, Ann, George.
1799 TAYLOR, SOLOMON, Elizabeth.

1745 WADE, ROBERT, Abraham, Jesse, Jacob.
1771 WILLISTON, JOHN, Sabra, Daniel; Moore, Tamar; Fenters, Abigail.
1782 WEEKS, ISAAC, James, John, Abraham, Simmons, Citte, Jesse.
1785 WALLIS, SARAH, Houston, Mary, Rachel; Jacobs, Sally.
1785 WILLISTON, JOHN, Harris, Mary W.; Guthrie, Sarah; Gaskins, Esther; Moore, Tamar.
1788 WILLIAMS, WESTON, Daniel, Isaac, Elizabeth; Prescott, Mary, Lydia.
1795 WHITEHURST, JOHN, Richard, Margaret; Hall, John.
1798 WILLISTON, SAMUEL, George, Esther, Josiah, Andrew, Daniel, Abner, Abigail, Zilphin, Didine.

1795 YEATES, BAGE, Raffy, William, Hopey, Patty.

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