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Bertie County, North Carolina – Wills 1761-1799

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1762 ANDREWS, ABNER, Wife (not named), Margaret, Stephen and John.
1762 AZWELL, THOMAS, Ann Gibbons (mother), Ann Virgin (sister).
1771 ASKEW AARON, Martha (wife), Jesse, Moses, Martha, Sarah, Pheraba and Ann.
1771 AVERETT, HENRY, Martha (wife), Julia and Martha.
1771 ABINGDON, JAMES, wife (not named), James, Hardiman, Martha, Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Henry, Littleberry, Sarah and Lydia.
1772 AVERETT, HENRY, Jesse and Charles; and the children of Henry (son).
1781 ASIIRORN, THOMAS, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Thomas, William and Elisha.
1781 AVERITT, SIMON, Thomas, William and James.
1790 AVIS, SAWYER, Joseph.
1790 ASHLEY, THOMAS, Harrell, Amos.
1791 ARMISTEAD, WILLIAM, Sarah, Jordan, Starkey, John, William, Robert, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Priscilla.
1797 ALLEN, JOHN, Ann (wife), John B., James B., Sarah B.; Hunter, Mildred.
1799 AVERETT, JESSE, Mary and Jesse.
1799 ALEXANDER, JOHN, Martha and Rachel.

1762 BROWN, JENNY, Arthur, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and Priscilla.
1762 BRYON, EDWARD, Thomas, Martha (wife), Margaret, Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, Ann, Janet, Sarah.
1762 BARBERREE, ABRAHAM, Isaac, Mary (wife).
1762 BARRADAILE, JOSEPH, Abraham, John and Mary (wife).
1762 BUTTERTON, JOSEPH, Robert, Joseph, John, James and Elizabeth; wife (not named).
1762 BROGDON, DAVID, Mary, John, Susanna and Fred.
1762 BASS, THOMAS, John, Jacob, Mary, Isabel and Thomasine (wife).
1762 BAILES, EDEN, Rebecca (wife), John.
1762 BOND, THOMAS, Thomas.
1770 BRYAN, NEEDHAM, Sarah (wife), William, Needham and Rachel.
1770 BARFIELD, THOMAS, Courtney (wife), Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth.
1771 BELLOTE, WILLIAM, Peleg, John, William, Bridget and Hannah.
1774 BURN, JOHN, Andrew.
1774 BROGDON, JOHN, John and Patterson.
1776 BARFELL, SAMUEL, Ruth (wife), Solomon, Elizabeth and William.
1775 BUNCH, HENRY, Bunch, Henry.
1775 BRYAN, JESSE, William, Catherine, Elizabeth.
1775 BONNER, WILLIAM, Ann (wife), William, John, George, Miles and Thomas.
1775 BRYAN, DAVID, John, Elizabeth, Mary, David, Joseph, Peggy and Rebecca.
1777 BRYAN, MARTHA, Martha, Elizabeth and Winifred,
1777 BROGDON, MARY, Ludovic.
1778 BARNES, JOHN, Katherine and Henry.
1781 BURN, ANDREW, John, James and Levi.
1788 BLAKE, JAMES, The youngest children of Walter (son) .
1784 BARNES, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife), John, Solomon and Kader.
1785 BUTTERTON, ROBERT, Sarah (wife).
1785 BROWN, ARTHUR, Mary, Jesse and Arthur.
1785 BAKER, JONATHAN, Susanna, Laurie and John.
1785 BAYLEY, THOMAS, Sarah.
1786 BURN, ANDREW, Levi, John and James.
1789 BRYAN, THOMAS, Edward.
1789 BUNCH, EMBREY, Micajah and Elizabeth.
1790 BOYD, MARTHA, Jernigan, Lewis.
1791 BASS, ADER, wife; Bathsheba (daughter).
1791 BUTLER, TOBIAS, John and Jethro.
1793 BOND, JOHN, Thomas.
1794 BELOTE, SILAs, Millicent.
1794 BRYAN, MICHAEL, Olive and Needham.
1795 BROGDEN, JOHN, wife; William.
1795 BRYCE, WILLIAM, Judy (wife).
1795 BOND, THOMAS, John, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth and Lewis.
1795 BARRY, THOMAS, John.
1796 BOGHART, DANIEL, Pugh, William.
1796 BELOTE, JOHN, wife; Thomas and William.
1797 BELOTE, AMELIA, Noah, Thomas, Catherine and Clarissa.
1798 BUNCH, JEREMIAH, William, Jeremiah, Nihemiah, Henry and Fred.
1798 BAKER, THOMAS, Blake.
1799 BRYAN, EDWARD, Martha (wife), Sarah, Susanna, Martha, Elizabeth and Mary.
1799 BIRAM, JOHN, James and William.
1799 BRIMAGE, WILLIAM, Thomas W.
1790 BAZEMORE, JOHN, James and Nillian.

1771 COBB, HENRY, Mary and Charles.
1771 CAMPBELL, CORNELIUS, Elizabeth, James and Cornelius.
1771 CRAFT, JOHN, Sarah and Lucy.
1771 COKE, JOHN, Robert.
1771 CUNIFFE, JOHN, Malachi.
1777 CHERRY, SOLOMON, Sarah, William, Cader, Martha, Elizabeth and James.
1781 CAMPBELL, JOHN, James, Martha, John.
1782 CHARLTON, JASPER, Abigail (wife).
1784 CARTER, ROBERT, Isaac and George.
1785 CAPEHEART, MICHAEL, George, Michael, William, Frances, John and James.
1785 COOK, WILLIAM, Mary, John and Joel.
1788 GRITCHETT, JOHN, Thomas and Richard.
1789 CURETON, JOHN, Rachel.
1789 CHURCHWELL, JAMES, Ann (wife), Mary, Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Thomas, Allen, Patience, Sarah, Martha and William.
1791 COOK, CAESAR, Phillys and Caesar.
1792 COBB, JAMES, Henry, Jesse, William, James and Elizabeth.
1793 CALLUM, HEZEKIAH, Holland, Joseph.
1794 CLEMENTS, GEORGE, Elizabeth, Isaac, William and Hardy.
1796 COKE, JOHN, Mary (wife).
1797 CHARLTON, JASPER, Elizabeth (wife), Elizabeth and Frances.
1797 CALLUM, MARY, Thompson, Elizabeth.
1798 CAMPBELL, JAMES, George, James, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary and Martha.
1798 COCHRAN, THOMAS, Elizabeth, Edward and Thomas.

1770 DEMPSEY, PATIENCE, Joshua, Isaac, Mary, and Thoroughgood.
1770 DRAUGHAN, WALTER, Bridget, Thomasine, Thomas and Robert.
1772 DAVISON, JOHN, Edward, William, John and Amos.
1779 DAVIDSON, JOHN, Sarah, Elizabeth and Smithwick.
1780 DILLARD, GEORGE, Priscilla.
1782 DRURY, SAMUEL, Jenny and Milly.
1787 DWYER, MORGAN, Elizabeth( Wife), Dennis and John.
1787 DARCAN, JEREMIAH, Ann (wife), William.
1790 DWYER, DENNIS, Ann (wife), Winifred.
1796 DAWSON, RICHARD, Jane, Hannah, James, George, John and William.
1796 DUNNING, CHARLES, Celia, Exum and Eli.
1797 DAVIS, GEORGE, Elizabeth and Miles.

1779 ELLIS, CATHERINE, Bryan, John, George and William; Gardner, Sarah.
1785 EDWARDS, TITUS, Isham and William.
1785 EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Thomas and Benjamin.
1786 EARLY, JAMES, Grace (wife), Shadrack and John.
1794 EASON, ABNER, Rachel, George, Joseph and Abner.
1796 EVANS, MICHAEL, Richard, Benjamin and Susanna C.
1798 EARLY, SHADRACK, Sally (wife), James, Thomas, John, Lavinia and Nancy.

1769 FLEETWOOD, WILLIAM, Henry, William, John, James, Edward, Thomas, Hardy and Elizabeth.
1774 FLEETWOOD, HENRY, Wm. H., Sarah, Elizabeth and Sally.
1777 FILGO, ANTHONY, William.
1782 FREEMAN, WILLIAM, Tabitha (wife), John and Robert.
1785 FREEMAN, JOHN, Sarah (wife), Solomon, Elisha, Moses, Aaron, Elizabeth and John
1788 FREEMAN, SOLOMON, Martha (wife), Jamey
1793 FREEMAN, KING, Sarah (wife).
1793 FREEMAN, JOHN, Charles, Hardy, Jeremiah, Josiah and Sarah.
1794 FREEMAN, JOSHUA, Mary (wife), William, Joshua, Jacob and James.
1796 FARMER, JOSEPH, Luke, Joseph, James, Sarah (wife), King, Elizabeth, Sarah, Winnie, Judah and Rachel.
1799 FLEETWOOD, WILLIAM, Henry, Ashley, William, John, Elizabeth, Susanna, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth (wife) and Penelope.

1762 GOUGH, JOHN, Charles and Lewis.
1762 GREEN, THOMAS, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Hannah, Ann, Sarah and Elizabeth (wife).
1774 GRANBERRY, SAMUEL, wife (not named), son
1781 GLISTON, JAMES, Jacob.
1781 GRIMES, SAMUEL, Pheraba (wife); children (not named).
1784 GARDNER, MARTIN, John, Martin, Sarah, Bryan, James, Sarah (wife), Anna.
1790 GRIFFIN, EDWARD, William.
1790 GARDNER, JAMES, Mary (wife), Averett, William, Martin and John.
1790 GLASCOCK, JOSEPH, Harman, Henry, Mary, Sa?.
1795 GLISTON, ANN, Leah and Wright.
1796 GRAY, STEPHEN, William.
1797 GARRETT, JESSE, Rachel, James, Jesse, Penny, Diary, Timothy, John and Elizabeth.

1761 HARRELL, FRANCIS, William, Shadrack, Mary and Martha.
1761 HOLLOWELL, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), children (not named).
1762 HILL, MOSES, Sarah and Judith.
1762 HARRELL, EZEKIEL, Allie and Israel.
1762 HUGHES, GEORGE, George and Thomas.
1763 HILL, JOHN, Whitmel, Harry, Elizabeth (wife), Mary, Winifred and Sarah.
1764 HODSON, FRANCIS, Elizabeth (wife).
1765 HARRELL, DAVID, Charity (wife), David, Noah, Sarah, Mildred and Chloe.
1767 HENDRICKS, DANIEL, Abraham, Sarah, Elizabeth.
1768 HURST, JOHN, Judith (wife), William.
1769 HARRELL, JOHN, Bailey, Lemuel, Solomon, Amos, Gileon.
1769 HARRELL, CHRISTOPHER, Wife (not named).
1772 HARRELL, SAMUEL, Caller, Elizabeth and Ann.
1774 HOLDER, THOMAS, Elisha, Susanna and Elizabeth.
1774 HOOKER, BENJAMIN, Ann, Hardy, John, James, Elisha, Benjamin, Freeman, David, Sarah and Cora.
1775 HOPKINs, JOHN, John, Alex., Aquilina, Daniel and Joseph.
1777 HARRELL, HENRY, Reuben, Benjamin, Henry, Whitmel, John W., David, Joseph, Rachel, Barbara and Elizabeth.
1777 HAWKINS, EDWARD, Eleanor (wife).
1777 HARRELL, JOHN, John, James.
1777 HILL, HARDY, Janet and Elizabeth.
1779 HARREL, DAVID, Celia (wife).
1780 HOWE, ALEX., John, Sidney, Sarah, Mary and Thomas.
1781 HARRELL, JOHN, Winifred (wife).
1782 HIGGS, ABRAHAM, Sarah, John, Abraham,
1781 HARRELL, SAMUEL, Samuel and Mary.
1781 HARRELL, KADER, Samuel, Kader, Drewry and Agnes. Elizabeth, and Sarah (wife).
1783 HINTON, JOHN, Bond, Elizabeth.
1783 HARRELL, ISRAEL H., Owens, Patience, Esther, Edith and Keziah.
1783 HARRELL, JOSIAH, Fannie and Anna.
1784 HARDY, WILLIAM, William P., Sarah and Lamb.
1784 HOLLEY, NATHANIEL, John, Moore, Sarah (wife) Sarah.
1784 HAYS, HARDY, Sarah, Joshua and Penelope.
1784 HALLOM, JEREMIAH, John and Judith.
1785 HARRELL, JAMES, Arthur, Joel, Grace, Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary.
1786 HARE, THOMAS, Penelope (wife), Thomas E.
1786 HAYS, RICHARD, Edward, Penelope and Lavinia.
1788 HARRELL, JESSE, Pheraba, Josiah, Joshua and onathan.
1789 HARRELL, JOSHUA, Jeconias, Hezekiah, Jemimah, Ann and Hodges.
1796 HUNTER, CADER, Humphrey and Hardy, Elizabeth (wife).
1791 HOLLAND, JOSEPH, Joel and Mary Magdalen.
1791 HARRELL, THOMAS, Angelica, John and Joseph.
1791 HINTON, JOHN, Noah.
1792 HAIRE, PENELOPE, Thomas E. and Janet.
1793 HAWKINS, THOMAS, John, Fred, Thomas and Richard.
1793 HARRELL, WINIFRED, Chamberlain, Malachi, Elizabeth, Penelope and Levi.
1794 HUNTER, HARDY, Rachel, Humphrey, Cader, William, Timothy and Joshua.
1794 HYMAN, JOHN, Sarah (wife), Joel, Elizabeth, William, Thomas, John and Sarah.
1795 HOUSE, THOMAS, William, George and Thomas.
1795 HOLLEY, JAMES, Josiah, Nathaniel, James, Benjamin and Winifred.
1796 HOUSE, GEORGE, John T. Elizabeth (wife).
1797 HARDY, LAMB, Winifred (wife), Thomas, William P. and Elizabeth.
1797 HYMAN, SARAH, West, Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret.
1798 HODGSON, CHARLES, Mary (wife), Mary and Nancy.

1776 JORDAN, JOSEPH, Isaac, William, Joseph and Ruth.
1777 JORDAN, RUTH, Reed, John D., Christian and Margaret.
1777 JACOCKS, CHARLES W., Charles.
1778 JERNIGAN, GEORGE, Pheraba (wife).
1779 JENKINS, JOHN, Mary, Zadok, Charles, Reddick, Irvin, Ephraim, Isaac, Winifred, Sally, Abram and Keziah.
1784 JENKINS, EPHRAIM, Zadok and Owen.
1785 JERNIGAN, JESSE, James, Jesse, Jerusha, Sarah and Alex.
1786 JORDAN, JOSEPH, Mary, Isaac and William.
1786 JORDAN, WILLIAM, James and William.
1787 JACOCKS, JONATHAN, Charles, Jonathan, John, Ann (wife), Elizabeth.
1790 JORDAN, ISAAC, Joseph, Edward and Hannah.
1791 JORDAN, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), William and Joseph.
1790 JONES, WILLIAM, Wife (not named), James, William, Mary, Sarah and Rhoda.
1796 JOHNSTON, BURWELL, Rebecca and Jonathan.
1797 JONES, JAMES, Jesse.
1791 JOHNSON, JOHN, Samuel W., John S., William W., Henry, Anne, Elizabeth and Alexander.

1776 KNOTT, JOSEPH, Joseph, Thomas and James.
1778 KING, WILLIAM, Elizabeth, Henry, William, Charles and Michael.
1781 KNOTT, JOSEPH, Sarah (wife).
1781 KNOTT, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), James.
1786 KNOTT, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), John and Charles.
1789 KENT, JOSEPH, Rachel (wife).
1790 KING, WILLIAM, Ann (wife), two daughters (not named).
1793 KITTRELL, JOHN, John, Dempsey, Willis, Stanly, Sarah, Louise and Jemima.
1797 KITTRELL, DEMPSEY, Martha (wife), children (not named).

1761 LAWRENCE, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, Asa, George and Elizabeth.
1762 LEGGETT, JAMES, Martha (wife), Thomas and Jeremiah.
1766 LEGGETT, TITUS, Mary and John.
1769 LAKEY, WILLIAM, Richard, Mary (wife), Thomas and Jacob.
1772 LAWRENCE, HUMPHREY, Ann (wife), Fred and Reuben.
1787 LASSITER, FRED, Sarah (wife), Fred and Wm.
1788 LAWRENCE, JOHN, Jean (wife), Abner, Robert and Obadiah.
1789 LEARY, DERBY, Susanna (wife).
1790 LAWRENCE, THOMAS, Sarah (wife), Williamson and Thomas.
1791 LAYTON, SAMUEL, James, Esther and Martha.
1791 LOCKHART, GEORGE, James, Susanna, Elizabeth and George.
1794 LANCASTER, MARY, Andrews, John and Stephen; Bryan, Elizabeth.
1796 LOCKHART, ELIZABETH, Mary (wife).
1797 LEGGETT, JAMES, John, James and Canath.
1799 LEGGETT, THOMAS, Margaret (wife), Jonothan and Thomas.

1762 MEWBORN, MOSES, Thomas and Ann.
1780 MARTIN, THOMAS Elizabeth (wife); Nicholas, Elizabeth, Catherine, James and Ann.
1780 MEREDITH, ABRAHAM, Thomas and Greenberry.
1780 MOORE, BENJAMIN, Priscilla (wife), Sarah.
1783 MAER, ABRAHAM, Samuel and William.
1785 MOODY, KERVY, James and Philip.
1785 MANNING, BENJAMIN, Luke, Benjamin, Pherabe, Chloe, Elizabeth, Elijah and Nancy.
1789 MOORE, EPAPHRAS, Winnie (wife), Aaron and Thomas.
1700 MOORE, JAMES, Titus.
1791 MEREDITH, DAVID, Sarah (wife), Lewis.
1793 MIZELL, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), Jeremiah.
1794 MIZELL, TIMOTHY, Jonas and John.
1795 MITCHELL, JOHN, Sarah (wife).
1796 MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), Cader.
1796 MILBURN, SAMUEL, Alexander and Arnold.
1796 MEREDITH, DAVIS, Rachel (wife), James.
1796 MOORE, MALACHI, Sarah (wife).
1797 MILBURN, HENRY C., Martha (wife).
1798 MORE, JAMES, Seven sisters.

1765 NICHOLS, JOHN, Sarah (wife), Margaret and Sarah.
1791 NIcHOLS, HUMPHREY, Sarah (wife), Henry, Benajah, Fanny and John.
1791 NICHOLS, JOHN, John, George, Thomas, Isabella, Grisel, Anne and Peggy.
1793 NICHOLS, SARAH, Sarah.
1797 NICHOLS, SARAH, Benajah and Fanny.
1798 NORTH, JOSEPH, Richard and Ann.

1770 OLIVER, THOMAS, David and John.
1772 OXLEY, JOHN, George, John and Olive.
1774 OLIVER, JOHN, Andrew.
1779 OWEN, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife), Agatha, William, John and Elizabeth.
1780 OUTLAW, JOHN, Jacob, James and Winifred.
1782 OUTLAW, RALPH, David, Edward, George, Ralph and Mary.
1782 OUTLAW, THOMAS, Thomas and Amos.
1793 OLIVER, ANDREW, John, Andrew, James and David.
1795 OUTLAW, GEORGE, Agnes (wife), George and Morgan.
1795 OUTLAW, AGNES, George.
1797 OLIVER, JOHN, Martin, Malachi, Shadrack, John, Mary, Winifred and Dicey.

1762 PARKER, THOMAS, Abraham, Peter, Jacob and Elizabeth.
1771 POWERS, SAMUEL, Prudence (wife), Peggy.
1775 PRITCHARD, WILLIAM, Christian (wife), Jonathan, Christopher, Mary, Ruth and Keziah.
1775 PEARCE, WILLIAM, Rebecca (wife), Jeremiah and William.
1777 PEARSON, JOHN, Margaret (wife).
1782 PERSEY, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), William, Cader, Zadok, Nancy and Blake.
1783 PRICE, MICAJAH, Urquhart, Elizabeth.
1785 PEARSON, MARGARET, Pollok, Cullen, Johnston, Samuel; Dukenfield, Sir Nathaniel (son); Iredell, Mrs. James.
1785 PURVIS JAMES, Jean, Allan, William, Cullen and Jane.
1786 PAGE, THOMAS, Solomon, Sarah (wife), Thomas, Joshua, Catherine, Ann and Mary.
1786 PRITCHARD, JAMES, Dorcas (wife), Reuben, James, Riggan, Penny, David, Lamb and Stephen.
1789 POWER, CHARLES, Susanna (wife); Charles and Thomas.
1792 PENNY, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas.
1796 PENNY, THOMAS, Ann, Thomas and Mizell.
1799 PRITCHARD, HERBERT, Absalom, Elizabeth, Zadok, Hugh and Martha.
1799 PIERSE, JOHN, Mary (wife).

1764 RICE, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), James, William and Sarah.
1765 RUTLAND, JOHN, Drumer (wife), John, Blake, Milbay, Charity, Riddick and Penny.
1766 RABY, ADAM, Judah (wife), Adam and Luke.
1768 REASONS, THOMAS, Ann (wife), Ann, Renny and Sarah Foaks (sisters).
1769 RAY, ALEX, James, Samuel and Stephen.
1771 RHODES, JOHN, Thomas, Henry, William, Charles and John.
1772 RAWLS, WILLIAM, Levi, Josiah, Philip, Jonah and Joab.
1776 RASOR, EDWARD, Elizabeth (wife), Josiah, Mary, Elizabeth, Frances, Susanna, Martha, Sophia and Charlotte.
1777 ROGERS, MARY, Thomas, Mary, Frances and Minute.
1777 RYAN, JAMES, Thomas, wife (not named), children (not named).
1781 RUFFIN, WILLIAM, William.
1785 RAYNER, RICHARD, Zadok, Shadrack, Aaron, Elizabeth and Malachi.
1789 RABY, LUKE, Hester (wife).
1793 RHODES, HENRY, Alice (wife), Henry, Mary Clara and Alice.
1794 RAWLS, PHILIP, Henry and Philip.
1795 RHODES, JOHN, James and John; Perry, Alice.
1796 RHODES, THOMAS, Elisha, James, Elizabeth, Thomas, Jonathan and Margaret.
1796 RASCOE, ARTHUR, Elizabeth (wife), Sarah, Margaret, Mildred and Frances.
1796 RAYNER, JOHN, Joshua and Sarah.

1762 SMITHWICK, JOHN, Martha, William, Luke and Joel.
1762 SAVAGE, THOMAS, Wife (not named), Thomas, Mary and Rachel.
1762 STALLINGS, ELIAS, Josiah.
1762 SPIVEY, JOHN F., Holmes, Frederick and Ann.
1769 SLATTER, OWEN, Alexander and Mary.
1771 SPIVEY, MOSES, Aaron and Moses.
1772 SUTTON, JASPER, Jordan, William, Jr.
1772 STALLINGS, JOSIAH, Mary (wife), John and Betsy.
1772 SCOLLAY, ELIZABETH, Pollock, Thomas and Cullen.
1774 SHEHAN, MILES M., Thomas and Miles.
1776 SHOLAR, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), James, Benjamin, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rachel and Anna.
1777 SAWLKILL, JOHN, Perry, Thomas.
1779 SWAIN, WILLIAM, Tabitha (wife), John, Richard and James.
1779 SPIVEY, GEORGE, Esther (wife), Jonathan, George, David, William and James.
1779 SHEHAN, MILES, Mary (wife), Miles.
1779 SUTTON, THOMAS, Mary and Thomas.
1781 SKINNER, JOHN, Mary (wife), John H.
1781 SIMMONS, JOHN, Sallie and Malachi, wife (not named).
1783 SMITH, JOHN, Josiah, John, Henry, Malachi, Anna (wife).
1785 SWAIN, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife), William and Whitmel.
1785 SPARKMAN, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), William and Thomas.
1786 SEALS, WILLIAM, Thomas.
1791 SMITH, PETER, Arthur, George, John, Cicely, Turner and Rachel.
1792 SHOLAR, JOHN, David, Bryan and Edward.
1794 SHEBAN, THOMAS, Edward M.
1795 STANDLEY, DAVID, Sarah (wife), Jonathan, Sarah, William and John.
1796 SOWELL, FRANCIS, William, Joseph, James and Worley.
1796 SPEIGHT, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas H. and James.
1797 SLADE, JOHN G., Sarah (wife).
1797 STONE, ZEDEKIAH, David; Charlton, Elizabeth.
1797 SMITHWICK, JOHN, Martha (wife), William, Luke and Joel.
1799 SHANOCK, WILLIAM, James and Griffin.

1766 THOMAS, MICHAEL, Ann (wife), Joseph, William and Lewis.
1767 TODD, WILLIAM, Katherine (wife), Thomas, Samuel and William.
1770 TURNER, WILLIAM, William and James.
1770 THOMPSON, HEZEKIAH, Noah, Reuben, Arthur, William and Mary (wife).
1770 TOOLE, EDWARD, Mary (wife), Jonathan, David and Geraldine.
1776 TURNER, THOMAS, David, Thomas, Benaiah, Amos and Abisha.
1777 TURNER, BENAIAH, Thomas, Amos and Abislea.
1790 THOMPSON, REUBEN, Noah, Arthur and William.
1780 THOMAS, JAMES, Sarah (wife), James, Ezekiel and Luke.
1783 TOOLE, JONATHAN, Mary (wife), Fred.
1791 TURNER, EDWARD, Elizabeth (wife), Turner, Mary, Rhoda and James.
1794 TURNER, MATTHEW, Elizabeth, Joseph and John,
1795 TODD, WILLIAM, John and Moses.
1795 TAYLOR, RICHARD, David.
1798 THOMPSON, JOHN, Polly (wife).
1799 THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Noah and Arthur.
1799 THOMPSON, NOAH, Catherine (wife), Reuben, William, Sarah and Charity.
1799 TYLER, PERRY, Perry.

1781 USHER, WILLIAM, Johnston, John.

1762 VANLUVAN, HENRY, John and William.
1770 VANN, EDWARD, Mary (wife), William, Cader and King.

1761 WILLIAMS, RICHARD, Mary (wife), Richard, Benjamin, George, Reuben, Simon, Martha, Elizabeth and Mary.
1761 WILLIAMS, SAMUEL, Mary (wife), Samuel, Moses and Benjamin.
1761 WARBURTON, JOHN, Jemimah (wife), James, Luke, Sarah and Penelope.
1769 WEST, PETER, Christian (wife), William, Peter, Thomas and Winnie.
1769 WEST, ROBERT, George and Robert.
1775 WILLIAMS, ARTHUR, Catherine (wife), Joab, and Arthur.
1777 WARD, PHILIP, James, Daniel, George, Michael, Mary, Sarah, Philip, Elizabeth, William, Millicent and Mary (wife).
1777 WATSON, JOHN, Ann (wife), Thomas, James, William, Winifred, Ann and Martha.
1779 WHITE, MORDECAI, King; Gaines, Rebecca and Sarah; Watson, Amos.
1780 WILLIAMS, JOSIAH, Sarah (wife).
1780 WARBURTON, JAMES, Winifred (wife), John.
1780 WARD, JAMES, Martha (wife), Winnie and Susanna.
1781 WILLIAMSON, HANNAH, Absalom and William.
1782 WILLIAMS, RICHARD, Drury and Reuben.
1782 WATSON, DAVID, Jean (wife), youngest son (not named).
1779 WHITMEL, THOMAS, wife (not named); Molly.
1784 WATFORD, HARDY, Millicent (wife).
1788 WARREN, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife).
1790 WARD, THOMAS, Anne (wife), George, Thomas, William and James.
1791 WILLIAMS, JOAB, Samuel, Francis and Arthur.
1795 WEST, THOMAS, Sally (wife), John.
1795 WATFORD, JOSEPH, Wife (not named), John, Joseph and William.
1795 WILLIAMS, JOHN, Anne (wife), Etheldred, Mary and Rachel.
1796 WESTON, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), Malachi, Edmund and William.
1796 WHITE, LUKE, Mary (wife), Noah.
1796 WINANTS, WINANT, Mary (wife), Henry D.
1796 WARD, THOMAS, Pheraba (wife), Michael William, James, Joshua, Elizabeth and Eleanor.
1797 WILLIAMS, EZEKIEL, Sarah (wife), George, Rachel and James.
1798 WILKES, JAMES, Mary (wife), James and Micajah.


1787 YEATS, JOHN, Thomas.
1789 YEATS, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), David.
1795 YEATS, PETER, Sarah (wife), Thomas.
1795 YEATS, DAVID, Manning, Edward; Baley, William, Sarah; Kerr, Sarah.

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