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Beaufort County, North Carolina – Wills 1703-1799

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1759 ADAMS, JAMES, Mary (wife), James, Dorothy and Winifred.
1759 ALLEN, TIMOTHY, Rebecca (wife), Ephraim, Martha, Prudence, Salathiel, Jeremiah and Elizabeth.
1760 ADAMS, ANN, Kennedy and John.
1761 ALDERSON, JOHN, Ann (wife), Levi and Simeon.
1765 ABBOTT, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), James and Walter.
1783 ADAMS, JOHN, Ann (wife), Dinah.
1790 ARCHBELL, NATHAN, John, Nathan and Elizabeth.
1791 ADAMS, ABRAHAM, wife, Celia, Ephraim, Levi, Isaac, George and William.
1792 ABLE, ARTHUR, Ann (wife), John and William.
1792 ADAMS, JAMES, Sarah (wife), Henry, Sarah and Abraham.
1796 ADAMS, ISAAC, Thomas and Miles Adams (nephews).
1797 ARCHBELL, SAMUEL, Elizabeth (wife); William, John, Martha.

1720 BRIGHT, JOHN, (Hyde precinct) Elizabeth (wife), Henry, Richard, Simon, Lydia, Mary, William, James and John.
1731 BRIGHT, RICHARD, Wife (not named), James, Christian, Elizabeth and Simon.
1760 BUCKINGHAM, STEPHEN, Wife (not named), Solomon and Ebenezer.
1763 BELLOTE, HILARY, Susanna (wife), Caesar, Elizabeth and Ann.
1769 BECTON, RICHARD, Elizabeth (wife); four nephews, George, Edward, Fred and Michael Becton.
1769 BOND, JAMES, Wife (not named), James, Abraham and Ezbona.
1776 BLOUNT, READING, Reading, Joseph, Nathaniel, Jesse and Bryan.
1778 BROOKS, HORATIO, Elizabeth (wife), Peggy, Lawson and John.
1779 BLOUNT, JOSEPH, Sarah (wife), Joseph, Wilson, Mary and Sally.
1779 BONNER, HENRY, Elizabeth, Mary, William, Henry, Patience, James, Ann and Edward.
1779 BOUTWELL, SAMUEL, Ann (wife), Rebecca, Jemima and Abigail.
1780 BROWN, DOROTHY, Bonner, Thomas (friend).
1781 BARROW, JOHN, Martha (wife), Samuel, Martha, Mary, Rebecca, Fanny, Ruth, Thomas, Susan, Rhoda and William.
1783 BLUE, PETER, Maria (a slave); Maule, Anna (a friend); Willis, Samuel (a friend).
1783 BONNER, JAMES, Anna, Sarah, James, Elizabeth, Samuel, Mary, Henry, Joseph and Willis.
1784 BREWER, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), William.
1785 BOYD, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife), Thomas, William and Rebecca.
1786 BURDAGE, JOHN, Mary (wife), William, John. Hugh, Mary, Thomas, Peter, George, Eph. raim, Beardwin and James.
1787 BENNETT, LUKE, Leah (wife), Dicey, Lydia and Luke.
1787 BONNER, JOHN, James Joseph and Henry (brothers); Blount, Joseph and Wilson; Foreman, James.
1790 BARSTOW, MARTHA, Thomas, Susanna, Rhods. William and Fanny.
1791 BONNER, JAMES, Ann, Sarah and Nathan.
1792 BEASLEY, THOMAS, SR., Mary (wife), Thomas, Sarah, James, Robert, Frances, Elizabeth and Mary.
1793 BARROW, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife), Penelope and Wyriot.
1793 BLOUNT, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife), Cornelius and Nathan.
1795 BEANER, RICHARD, John, Richard, Mary and Winifred.
1796 BONNER, GEORGE, Richard, Nancy.
1797 BOYD, WILLIAM, Anna (wife); John.

1731 CONNER, PHILIP, (Hyde precinct), Catherine (wife), Ann, Margaret, Mary, Catherine, Isaac and Jacob.
1733 CANNON, SARAH, David, Edward, Margaret, Dennis, Sarah, Jean, Henry, Mary, John and Ruth.
1733 COUTANCHE, MICHAEL, (Bath county), Wife (not named), Michael, Benjamin and Susanna.
1734 COOPER, SAMUEL, (Bath county), Elizabeth (wife), James, Jessie, Mary, William, Sarah and Edward.
1741 COYLE, CORNELIUS, Gray, Rebecca, Absalom and Cornelius (friends).
1762 CAMPEN, JAMES, Sarah (wife), Robert, James, Hannah, Mary and Rebecca.
1762 COUTANCHE, MICHAEL, Sarah (wife), Susanna, Benjamin and Michael.
1764 CHAUNCEY, WALLY, Jemima (wife), Isaac, Samuel and Nancy.
1765 CLEMENT, THOMAS, Crossley, Esther (a friend).
1771 CAMPEN, JORAM, Elizabeth, Robert and Dorothy.
1775 CAMPEN, JOSEPH, Mary (wife), Joseph, Robert and Thomas.
1779 COFFEY, WILLIAM, Mary (wife).
1779 CONCLETON, DAVID, Jane (wife), Elizabeth, Sarah and Floyd.
1780 CURTIS, ANN, Ann, John, Thomas and William.
1781 COX, THOMAS, Sarah (wife), Charles and James.
1784 CROFTON, THOMAS, Nancy.
1785 CAMPEN, ROBERT, Wife (not named), Joram and Mary; Thomas and Robert Campen (nephews).
1789 CLIFFORD, JAMES, Sarah (wife), John, Sarah and Mary.
1790 CAMPEN, ROBERT, Wife (not named), James, David and Mary.
1791 CURTIS, JOHN, Mary (wife), David and Esther.
1793 CLARA, GEORGE, Wife (not named), Polly, Susanna, James, Nancy and Louise.
1795 CAMPEN, ROBERT, Joseph (brother).
1797 COX, ABRAHAM, Mary (wife); John, Elena.
1797 CUESTON, ELIZABETH and Forney (daughters).
1798 CORDING, THOMAS, Ann (wife); Thomas, Jacob.

1726 DAVIS, JOHN, (Bath county), Dorothy (wife), William, John, Nathaniel, Mary, Samuel and Sarah.
1751 DOE, EDWARD, Alsey (wife), Elihu and Elisha Doe (grandsons).
1763 DUNBAR, MARY, Frances (sister).
1780 DIXON, THOMAS, Martha and Mary.
1788 DEAN, MOSES, Martha (wife), William, Abner, Anthony and Mary.
1792 DAW, WILLIAM, Wife (not named), Dinah, Dorcas, William, Nathan, James, Silas and Green.
1792 DOWTY, ELISHA, Eliashe (wife), Elisha, Ludovic and Job.

1750 ECHOLS, JOHN, Wife (not named), John, James, Joses, Cobb, Ann, Mary and Elinor.
1775 EVITT, WALTER, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Rachel, Mary, Joseph, Rebecca and Ann.
1776 ECHOLS, JAMES, Martha (wife), George, William and five other children (not named).
1779 EVITT, JOSEPH, Orrill, William (brother-in-law).
1780 EASON, REUBEN, Mary (wife), Clara, Sarah, Sybilla, Thomas and Mills.
1792 ECHOLS, JOSES, JR., William and Richard.
1797 ECHOLS, GEORGE, Wife; James, David.


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1703 FLOYD, SIMEON, Elizabeth (wife), Mary and Elizabeth.
1729 FORTNER, JAMES (Hyde precinct), Stubbs, Joanna.
1752 FORMAN, WILLIS, Mary (wife), Elizabeth, Margaret, Dorcas and Anne.
1762 FLOYD, GRIFFIN, Peter and John.
1764 FULINTON, ANDREW, Mary (wife), William and Andrew.
1780 FATHEREE, HILLIARD, Ann (wife), Ebenezer, Hilliard, Nelly and Penny.
1784 FALLIN, JOHN, Agnes (wife), Sarah and Agnes.
1784 FULCHER, MAXIMILIAN, Sebbie (wife), Jesse, Peter, Prudence and Mary.
1787 FULLERTON, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), Peter, Polly and Nancy.
1790 FLOYD, PETER, Elizabeth (wife), Simeon, Olive, Sarah, Peter and Grissom.
1790 FLOYD, URIAH, Elizabeth (wife), Silas.

1780 GRIST, JOHN, John, Mary, Sarah, Benjamin and Reading.
1784 GLADIN, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife), Daniel and Sally.
1786 GERRARD, FORBES, Benjamin, Simon, Betsy, William and Charles (brothers and sisters).
1789 GRIST, RICHARD, Ann (wife), Fred and Richard.
1790 GUY, WILLIAM, William, Mary and Henry.
1791 GODLEY. NATHAN, Martha, John, Elias, Nathan, Sally, Thomas and Robert.
1792 GROVES, WILLIAM, Parthenia (wife), Allen, Josiah, Nancy and William.
1793 GAINER, JOSEPH, Wife (not named), Joseph, Isabella and Drupina.
1793 GODLEY, JOHN, Rachel (wife), Robert, Mary, Thomas, Joseph, John and Nathan.
1795 GRIST, BENJAMIN, Ann (wife), Chloe, Sally, Betty and William.
1798 GREER, ANDREW, Joseph, James and John (brothers).


1759 HARFOOT, ROBERT, Ellison, James (a friend).
1759 HERINTON, JAMES, brother (not named), John and Charles (brothers).
1772 HOLTON, JESSE, Sarah (wife), George, David, James, Barzillai, Peregrine and Pridgen.
1774 HARRISON, THOMAS, Hannah (wife), John and Samuel.
1779 HOLTON, PEREGRINE, Barzillai and David (brothers).
1781 HUDSON, JAMES, John, James, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth.
1784 HARE, JOHN PORTER, Sharpe, Katie.
1784 HAWKINS, BENJAMIN, Abiah (wife), William, Ann, Willoughby, Benjamin, Abiah and Masour.
1785 HILL, JOSHUA, Wife (not named), Sarah, Joshua, Lazarus, John, Celia and Mary.
1787 HARRIS, JOSIAH, Judah, William, Joseph, Lucretia, Nancy, James and Mary.
1789 HOLLINGSWORTH, CHARLES, Mary (wife), Sarah, Elizabeth, Dicey, Alsey, Mary and Rebecca.
1791 HAWKINS, BENJAMIN, Mary (wife), Saumel, Nelly, Benjamin and Thomas.
1795 HARRIS, WILLIAM, William.

1728 JONES, WALTER, (Hyde precinct), Dorothy (wife), Simon, Alice, Betty, Ambrose, Walter and Liscom.
1732 JACKSON, JOHN, Ann (wife), John and Margaret.
1760 JASPER, JOHN, Dinah (wife), Jonathan.
1760 JONES, JOSIAS, Sarah Francis, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Josias, William, Betty and John.
1769 JEWELL, THOMAS, Wife (not named), James and John.
1773 JACKSON, DAVID, Anne (wife), Daniel, Julius, Alex., James, Sebrey, Corten and Thede.
1773 JOHNSON, ARTHUR, Leah (wife), William.
1774 JORDAN, JOHN, Thomas, John, Sarah, Daniel, Martin, Hosea, Margaret and Ann.
1778 JASPER, JONATHAN, Dinah (mother), Gerrard, Charles (brother).
1781 JONES, THOMAS, Sarah (wife), William, Lettice, Polly, Elizabeth, Nancy and Sarah.
1784 JASPER, ISRAEL, Lurana (wife), Jonathan, Celia, Richard, Susanna, James and Valentine.
1793 JOYNER, ISRAEL, Elizabeth (wife), six children (not named).
1796 JONES, JAMES, Joseph, Hannah, Mary.
1796 JONES, THOMAS, Jesse, Walter, John, Rachel.
1797 JONES, HOLLAND, Roger.

1752 KELLY, MATTHEW, Dinah (wife).
1759 KEECH, JOHN, Rhoda (wife), Jasper, John and Joseph.
1783 KIRKCONNELL, JOHN, Walter and James (brothers).
1786 KIDD, JOSEPH, Elizabeth (wife).
1788 KEAIS, NATHAN, Barbara (wife), children (not named).
1791 KINNIN, ANTHONY, Hannah (wife), Anthony, Thomas and Elizabeth.
1795 KELLY, TULLY, Hannah (wife), Matthew and Mary.
1796 KNOWIS, THOMAS, Jesse, Walter, John, Rachel.

1733 LEWIS, GRIFFITH, (Bath county), Ann (wife).
1738 LEIGH, JAMES, (Bath county), Mary (wife), Peter, John, Mary and Levi.
1739 MILLS, JOHN, Mills, Moses, Courtney, and Tyson (grandchildren).
1752 MooRE, THOMAS, Sarah (wife), Edmund and Elizabeth.
1759 MAYO. WILLIAM, Martha (wife), William,
1761 MCKEEL, THOMAS, Wife (not named), John, Elizabeth, Mary Martha and Thomas.
1762 McNAIR, CHARLES, Elizabeth (wife).
1770 McMATH, ROBERT, Brun, William (a friend).
1775 MILLER, NAT, Elizabeth (wife), Nat, Elizabeth, Abel, Rebecca, Ann and Worthy.
1777 LOCKEY, CELIA, Celia.
1779 LEITH, CHARLES, Elizabeth (wife).
1779 MIxoN, GEORGE, Elijah, Salathiel, Zedekiah and Martha.
1781 LUERTON, JOHN, Worsley, Thomas (a friend).
1782 LEIGH, JOHN, Bethiah (wife), Joseph, Abraham, Benjamin, John, Shadrack and Wm.
1782 LUCAS, SAMUEL, Sarah (wife), Roxana, Abigail, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Jesse and Henry.
1782 MCKEEL, JOHN, Elizabeth, Sarah and James.
1787 LIND, THOMAS, Dorcas (wife).
1787 MCDONNACK, ANDREW, Mary (wife), John, Henry and Mary.
1788 LAUGHINGHOUSE, THOMAS, Wife (not named), Thomas, Esther, Andrew, Richard, John and Young.
1788 McCABE, WLILIAM, Ann (wife), John and Bryan.
1790 MCCONEY, ROBERT, William (brother).
1793 LOOMIS, JONATHAN, Abner, Ezekiel, Jesse, and Solomon (brothers).
1794 LANIER, JOHN, Fanny (wife), children (not named).
1795 LEITH, ELIZABETH, Mary, James, Olivia ad Elizabeth.
1796 MAYO, SOLOMON, Betty (wife); John, James.
1797 MORRIS, ELISHA, Thomas, Sarah.
1799 MAULE, MosEs, Roulbac, William and Maule, John (nephews).

1734 NEWTON, FRANCIS, (Bath county), Joseph.
1781 NEWMAN, JOHN, Ann (wife), Richard, John, Penelope and James.

1759 ODEON, CHARLES, Rebecca (wife), Elizabeth, Frances and Mary.
1760 ODON, JOHN, Wife (not named), Woodward, John H. (a friend).
1770 ODEON, ELIZABETH, Whery, Anthony (brother).
1789 ODEN, RICHARD, SR., Elizabeth (wife), Anne, Richard, Elizabeth, John and Thomas.

1731 PROCTOR, JOHN, (Bath county), Elizabeth (wife), Ann, Elizabeth, Abigail and Mary.
1748 PEYTON, BRYAN, Eleanor (wife), Elizabeth, Eleanor, Grace and Henry.
1751 PEYTON, ELEANOR, William, Eleanor and Grace.
1751 PEYTON, ROBERT, Peyton, John (cousin).
1758 PEARCE, EDWARD, Rachel (wife), Edward, Lazarus, Sarah, Jothan, Thomas, Rachel, Mary, Benjamin, Hezekiah and Joseph.
1760 PERKINS, JAMES, Margaret (wife), David, James, Jonathan, Edward.
1761 PALMER, JOHN, Catherine (sister).
1769 PHILLIPS, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), Isaac, Henry, William, Elizabeth, Ann and Sarah.
1772 PRITCHETT, JAMES, Wife (not named), Peter, Anne, Mary, Margaret and James.
1772 PRITCHETT, PETER, Wife (not named), Peter, Abraham, Sarah, Mary, Grace and Margaret.
1775 PINDER, WILLIAM, Ann (wife).
1777 PEARCE, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife), Basil, Lavinia, Winifred, Thomas, Rachel and Jemima.
1777 PRESCOTT, JOHN, Wife (not named), Matthew, Mary, Sarah, Martha, Hannah, Isabel and Susan.
1777 PRESCOTT, MILES, Wife (not named), John, William, Major, Mary, Sarah and Isabel.
1778 PEARCE, BENJAMIN, Mary (wife), Hezekiah and Joseph (brothers).
1779 PATTEN, JOHN, Ann (wife), Ann and Hans.
1782 PITNALL, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife), John, Stephen, Mary, Elizabeth, Winifred, Pheraba and Anne.
1785 PADGETT, JOHN, Bartlett, Thomas and Edward (.friends).
1786 PALMER, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), Robert, Margaret, Ephraim, Helen and Alston.
1787 POYNER, EDWARD, Elizabeth (wife).
1787 POYNER, JAMES, Dorcas (wife), Mercy, Rebekah, Sylvester and Margaret.
1789 PUTNELL, JOHN, Stephen (brother).
1792 PEED, ARTHUR, Martin, William, John and Trigana.
1793 PRICE, WILLIAM, Mary (wife), Absalom, Mary, Elizabeth, William, Alice and Lucretia.
1794 PELLEY, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife).
1796 PRESCOTT, JOHN, Sarah (wife).

1759 ROE, COLEMAN, Sarah (wife), Wliliam, Edward and Agnes.
1763 RIGNEY, JAMES, Rebecca, Hannah and Elizabeth.
1766 RIGNEY, HANNAH, Brooks, James (cousin).
1777 ROE, SARAH, Edward, William, Agnes and Coleman.
1779 ROBINSON, JOHN, Rebecca (wife), Jacob, Hardy, Benjamin, Lydia and Elizabeth.
1789 RAWLS, FRANCIS, Sarah (wife), Esther, James, Joshua, William and Jesse.
1789 RISTALOBERT, JOHN BAPTISTE, Louis, John (a friend).
1791 ROBINSON, JACOB, Hannah (wife), Mary, Lydia and Janet.
1796 RICHARDS, RALPH, Martha (wife).
1796 ROGERS, STEPHEN, Rebecca (wife); Mary Jones (granddaughter).
1797 ROSE, JOHN, John.
1799 RESPESS, THOMAS, Mary (wife).

1705 SHALLINGTON, WILLIAM, Ann (wife), William.
1720 SCOTT, JAMES, (Hyde precinct), Webster, Moses; Ann and her daughters, Ann and Yardley Thoroughgood; Welch, Eleanor and James.
1720 SQUIRE, JOHN, (Hyde precinct), Mary (wife).
1735 SILVENT, JOHN, (Bath county), Derby, George and Joseph (brothers); Elizabeth, Grace and Margaret (sisters).
1735 SMITH, CHARLES, Charles and Hendry.
1760 SLADE, JOHN, Wife (not named), Sarah, Major and Catherine; Joseph (brother).
1762 SHEETE, PHILIP, Mary (wife), Sarah, Mary, Susan and Elizabeth.
1764 SLADE, JOSEPH, Ann (wife), William, Hamon, Benjamin, Joseph and Mary.
1780 SHIVERS, SARAH, Mary, Pheraba and Elizabeth.
1782 SMAW, MARY, John, Henry, Lucretia and William.
1785 STEVENS, ROBERT N., Mary (wife), Julia, Marcus and William.
1787 SMITH, MARY, Smith, Lewis and Jemima (cousins).
1788 SHINGLETON, WILLIAM, Bethiah (wife), Elizabeth, Bethiah and Willoughby.
1789 SHEPHERD, SOLOMON, Thomas, James and Jordan.
1790 SANDERLING, JOHN, Mary (Wife).
1790 SIMERALL, EDWARD, Pelly, John, (a friend).
1792 SANDERLIN, MARY, Elizabeth, Sarah and Keziah.
1792 SYLVENT, LAMBERT, Richard, Mary and Sarah.
1793 SIRMON, WILLIAM, Gerrard, Charles (brother.
1795 SAUNDERS, ANDREW, Mary (wife).
1795 SMAW, HENRY, Mary (wife).
1795 STUBBS, WILLIAM, William, Samuel, Mary, Han
1797 SALMON, BENJAMIN, Agnes (wife).
1799 SLADE, HENRY, Mary (wife); William,

1761 TRIPPE, JOHN, Sarah (wife), John, Dorothy, Henry, William, Nevill and Hewell.
1764 TAYLOR, SAMUEL G., Ormond, Nancy, (grand daughter); Adams, Sarah (housekeeper).
1765 TRIPPE, NEVILL, Anne (wife).
1766 TINDEL, JOHN, Ebeth (wife), John, James and Ebeth.
1766 TRIPPE, JOHN, Wife (not named), William, Henry, John, Sarah, Ann and Elizabeth.
1780 TRIPPE, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife), Harriet and Juliet.
1783 THOMAS JAMES. Keais, Nathan (a friend).
1796 TUTEN, THOMAS, Wife; Absalom.

1735 UNDERWOOD, THOMAS, (Bath county), Wife (not named), Thomas, James and Elizabeth.

1779 VAIL, JEREMIAH, Christopher (brother).
1784 VOSS, THOMAS, Mary, Lydia and Frances.
1799 VINES, THOMPSON, Winifred (wife); Thomas, Samuel, John.

1734 WHITEHURST, JOSIAS, Mary (wife).
1758 WALL, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife), James, Mary and Moses.
1764 WISE, JOSEPH, Matilda (wife), Johannes, Sarah and Crawford.
1767 WELCH, MATTHEW, Mary (wife), William, Elizabeth, Mary, Susanna and Irene.
1769 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Grace (wife), John (brother).
1773 WALLIS, JONATHAN, Mary (wife), Thomas, Anne and Sarah.
1775 WALLIN, DOVE, Wife (not named), William, Thomas and Winifred.
1779 WTITMEL, THOMAS, wife (not named); Molly.
1781 WARNER, FRANCIS, Mary (wife), James, Joseph, Jeremiah and Mary.
1783 WRIGHT, JEREMIAH, Stephen (brother).
1785 WOODARD, JOHN, Ann (wife), Isaiah, John and Elizabeth.
1787 WILLIAMS, ROBERT, Wife (not named), Lovey, William and John (brothers).
1789 WARWICH, JOHN, Brady; Mary and Joseph (friends).
1790 WILLIAMS, SETH P., Elizabeth (wife), Susanna.
1790 WILLIAMS, THOMAS S., Ann (wife), Daniel and John.
1791 WALLACE, JOHN, Polly (wife), Lenner.
1791 WALLS, JOSEPH, Joseph, Joel, Mary and Deborah.
1791 WILKINSON, AARON, The children of his two brothers.
1792 WILLIAMS, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife), Nancy and Thomas.
1793 WALLAcE, JOHN, Harriet and Leven.
1793 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Sarah (wife), Llewellyn and Nathaniel.
1794 WARDEN, JOHN, Wife (not named), Sarah.
1794 WHITLEY, ARTHUR, Sarah (wife).
1795 WIRDEN, SAMUEL, Howard, Sally.
1796 WILLIAMS, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife).
1796 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Anna (wife).
1799 WORLARD, JOHN, Rebecca (wife); Absalom, Sarah, Jemima, Rebecca.

1797 YOUNG, WILLIAM, Etheridge, William (a friend).