In this volume will be found a record of many whose lives are worthy the imitation of coming generations. It tells how some, commencing life in poverty, by industry and economy have accumulated wealth. It tells how others, with limited advantages for securing an education, have become learned men and women, with an influence extending throughout the length and breadth of the land. It tells of men who have risen from the lower walks of life to eminence as statesmen, and whose names have become famous. It tells of those in every walk in life who have striven to succeed, and records how that success has usually crowned their efforts. It tells also of many, very many, who, not seeking the applause of the world, have pursued “the even tenor of their way,” content to have it said of them, as Christ said of the woman performing a deed of mercy – “They have done what they could.” It tells how that many in the pride and strength of young manhood left the plow and the anvil, the lawyer’s office and the counting-room, left every trade and profession, and at their country’s call went forth valiantly “to do or die,” and how through their efforts the Union was restored and peace once more reigned in the land. In the life of every man and of every woman is a lesson that should not be lost upon those who follow after.

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Portrait and Biographical Record of Seneca and Schuyler Counties New York

Title page to the Portrait and Biographical Record of Seneca and Schuyler Counties New York

Genealogists will appreciate this volume from the fact that it contains so much that would never find its way into public records, and which would otherwise be inaccessible. Great care was taken in the compilation of the work, and every opportunity possible given to those represented to insure correctness in what was written. In addition to the biographical sketches, portraits of a number of representative citizens are given.

The faces of some, and biographical sketches of many citizens of Seneca and Schuyler County New York, will be missed in this volume. Not having a proper conception of the work, some refused to give the information necessary to compile a sketch, while others were indifferent. Occasionally – some member of the family would oppose the enterprise, and on account of such opposition the support of the interested one would be withheld. In a few instances men could never be found, though repeated calls were made at their residences or places of business.

The following is the only online index to this wonderful work about the men, and yes, some ladies of Seneca and Schuyler counties in New York. If you’ll click on the “View Bio” link beside the name it will take you directly to the biography for that person within the manuscript.

AbbeyTylerH.404View Bio
AbbottJohn474View Bio
AdamsJohn23View Bio
AdamsJohnQ.39View Bio
AllemanA.J.M.D.249View Bio
AllemanJosephD.407View Bio
ArnoldThomasH.339View Bio
ArnoldWilliamH.340View Bio
ArthurChesterA.99View Bio
AshmoreWilliam324View Bio
AultCharlesF.292View Bio
AyresAugustusD.General153View Bio
BaconBenjamin353View Bio
BaconFrancis133View Bio
BaileyEdson343View Bio
BaileyJohnJ.332View Bio
BaldridgeAddison350View Bio
BaldwinWilliamH.442View Bio
BarryEdwinS.450View Bio
BartholomewL.S.M.D.187View Bio
BartlettAndrewJ.311View Bio
BartlettE.Seely497View Bio
BeachLewisHon.166View Bio
BeachWilliamH.M.D.283View Bio
BeachWilliamT.344View Bio
BeardsleyJamesB.447View Bio
BeardsleyStephenR.482View Bio
BellRobertM.D.215View Bio
BellesIsaac456View Bio
BellowsGeorgeA.M.D.421View Bio
BennettJohnM.301View Bio
BickfordWilliamA.418View Bio
BigelowEugeneU.245View Bio
BirgeDavidW.M.D.436View Bio
BishopJohn280View Bio
BlainSamuel503View Bio
BlaineJamesM.494View Bio
BockovenGeorgeW.321View Bio
BoltEugeneN.429View Bio
BolyenEdwinO.391View Bio
BonnellHenryS.371View Bio
BoughtonJamesS.Prof.240View Bio
BoyesJohn362View Bio
BrehmHermanF.164View Bio
BrokawGeorgeW.208View Bio
BrownHarveyE.M.D.452View Bio
BrownJacob444View Bio
BrownS.J.486View Bio
BuchananJames75View Bio
BumpusHarryK.432View Bio
BurroughsOliver458View Bio
BurtlessCharlesB.400View Bio
CaldwellRobert341View Bio
CarverPhilanderK.495View Bio
CassMarcusM.288View Bio
ChamberlainHarrison154View Bio
ChildsA.L.Hon.331View Bio
ClarkEdwin241View Bio
ClarkWilliamB.Hon.300View Bio
ClevelandS.Grover103View Bio
CoburnMinorT.291View Bio
CoeJohnD.503View Bio
CompsonGeorgeM.179View Bio
ConoverSamuelS.360View Bio
CookCharlesHon.475View Bio
CookJosephH.Rev.216View Bio
CooperOliverC.408View Bio
CooperPeter175View Bio
CorbettOtisR.251View Bio
CouchJoelM.479View Bio
CraneCharles335View Bio
CraneDavidB.247View Bio
CraneJohnV.271View Bio
CraneJohn302View Bio
CronkWilliam468View Bio
CronkiteLyman473View Bio
CrosbyJohnF.M. D.488View Bio
CurtisJohnA.189View Bio
DayCharlesB.331View Bio
DayHenryG.269View Bio
DayJohnW.M.D.471View Bio
DeckerGeorge430View Bio
DemarestGeorgeM.299View Bio
DenmarkNathanS.402View Bio
DeyAnthony503View Bio
DeyHenryK.196View Bio
DeyPierson163View Bio
DeyRichardM.D.263View Bio
DisingerDaniel380View Bio
DisingerJohnE.355View Bio
DolphWilliamV.410View Bio
DurlingWilliamA.204View Bio
EarnestQuincyA.205View Bio
EganMichael260View Bio
EllisThomasH.490View Bio
EmensEdgarA.Prof.466View Bio
EmensEnoch325View Bio
EmensOlinE.375View Bio
EmmettJohn383View Bio
EshenourSidneyA.457View Bio
EvansDavidH.Hon.117View Bio
EvertsCharlesH.329View Bio
EvertsDanielF.M.D.431View Bio
FennoWillardJ.207View Bio
FeroIsaacW.463View Bio
FieldPerezH.Hon.126View Bio
FillinghamTom269View Bio
FillmoreMillard67View Bio
FlemingArazinaMrs.454View Bio
FolletWilliamM.M.D.155View Bio
FolwellNathanW.M.D.195View Bio
FolwellWilliamW.503View Bio
FrantzJohnO.396View Bio
FrostCharlesS.420View Bio
GambeeBenjaminL.241View Bio
GanoLeviM.279View Bio
GarfieldJamesA.95View Bio
GenungSethJ.178View Bio
GilbertMorrisJ.Capt.165View Bio
GilesWilliam205View Bio
GlazierWalker322View Bio
GoodwinJohn236View Bio
GougarCharles364View Bio
GouldJamesH.260View Bio
GrantUlyssesS.87View Bio
GravesJamesM.397View Bio
GregoryIsaacG.221View Bio
GridleyCharlesL.230View Bio
GridleySamuelH.Rev.446View Bio
GulickWilliamM.D.359View Bio
HadleySterlingG.Hon.491View Bio
HallMartinD.363View Bio
HamillVincentD. P.323View Bio
HanmerGeorgeA.157View Bio
HanmerLewis424View Bio
HarrisAdelbertF.478View Bio
HarrisonBenjamin107View Bio
HarrisonWilliamH.51View Bio
HaslettJamesH.M.D.140View Bio
HauseThomasP.144View Bio
HawesP.Halsey174View Bio
HayesRutherfordB.91View Bio
HazeltonWilliamC.Hon.137View Bio
HeathDelosL.M.D.334View Bio
HendricksBenjamin268View Bio
HicksAlbertA.135View Bio
HillermanDavidC.417View Bio
HoagMilton273View Bio
HoodJosephP.345View Bio
HoodJosiah393View Bio
HortonOrlo389View Bio
HoskinsCharlesL.269View Bio
HosterDanielW.462View Bio
HouckGrantV.127View Bio
HowardCharlesC.220View Bio
HoweFranklinS.Rev.188View Bio
HulbertElishaK.320View Bio
HulbertGeorgeH.457View Bio
HunterAbrahamL.438View Bio
HurdOliverP.Hon.426View Bio
HutchinsonCharlesH.451View Bio
IrelandJohn480View Bio
JacksJ.WillardRev.372View Bio
JacksonAndrew43View Bio
JeffersonThomas27View Bio
JewellMarionB.147View Bio
JohnsonAbramB.258View Bio
JohnsonAndrew83View Bio
JohnsonSamuelE.134View Bio
JollyIsaac310View Bio
KelloggDwightM.406View Bio
KimeW.Clinton440View Bio
KingBenjamin229View Bio
KingJamesK.M.D.307View Bio
KinneHenryL.221View Bio
KinneWisnerRev.435View Bio
KnightHoraceW.194View Bio
La MoreauxIsaac230View Bio
LahrAaronB.489View Bio
LahrWilliamH.449View Bio
LambDavidA.156View Bio
LambertC.Columbus416View Bio
LamoreauxEllsworth282View Bio
LaneJohnJ.248View Bio
LangJohn129View Bio
LaRueCharlesA.470View Bio
LarzelereGeorgeW.199View Bio
LautenschlagerM.R.Miss.148View Bio
LayHiramM.484View Bio
LeffingwellWilliamE.307View Bio
LeggettEdmundS.159View Bio
LeonardHermon381View Bio
LerchSamuelP.323View Bio
LincolnAbraham79View Bio
LittellAnsylP.128View Bio
LyboltHemanR.298View Bio
MacDonaldClarenceA.428View Bio
MadisonJames31View Bio
MannElizaAnnMrs.259View Bio
ManningFredL.Hon.176View Bio
MarshDanielB.148View Bio
MarshThomas278View Bio
MarshallBainbridge439View Bio
MarshallJohn382View Bio
MarshallPeter405View Bio
MarvinMatherDr.503View Bio
MaynardN.Barnet246View Bio
McNemerGeorgeW.219View Bio
MedlockJoseph139View Bio
MeeksChaunceyN.169View Bio
MetzgerFredH.487View Bio
MickleyWilliamB.173View Bio
MillerGeorgeE.369View Bio
MillerJabezW.313View Bio
MillsHenry394View Bio
MonroeJames35View Bio
MontgomeryGeorgeG.385View Bio
MooreMartin477View Bio
MorganJohnM.292View Bio
MorrisonW.A.Rev.436View Bio
MorrowJohnC.379View Bio
MosesWellieP.438View Bio
MunsonThomasT.297View Bio
NorthrupFlavinsW.309View Bio
NugentEdward272View Bio
O'ConnellJohn425View Bio
O'ConnellT.J.Rev.146View Bio
O'ConnorJamesRev.218View Bio
O'DanielsJames257View Bio
OgdenCharles416View Bio
OlinWilliamB.Rev.411View Bio
OwenJesseT.M.D.246View Bio
PadghamR.W.M.D.289View Bio
ParishAugustineS.228View Bio
PierceFranklin71View Bio
PolkJamesK.59View Bio
PontiusChristopherC.136View Bio
PontiusLawson308View Bio
PullmanWillard239View Bio
ReederJacob481View Bio
ReynoldsJohnG.415View Bio
RhodesJohn384View Bio
RichardsonJohnE.157View Bio
RiegelWilliamP.352View Bio
RobersonJohnT.453View Bio
RobertsErastusS.495View Bio
RobinsonCharlesM.455View Bio
RogersGilbertE.167View Bio
RorrisonAlexander341View Bio
RothwellWilliam485View Bio
RowleyCharlesL.128View Bio
RowleyGeorgeS.349View Bio
RussellEmmettB.198View Bio
RynoJohnL.237View Bio
SackettG.V.498View Bio
SaegerNathan459View Bio
SaegerReubenE.472View Bio
SalisburySamuelH.487View Bio
SandersonCharlesS.179View Bio
SayreJohnJudge502View Bio
SchuylerRensselaer262View Bio
SeamanDeanM.D.293View Bio
SeamanFrankG.M.D.177View Bio
SebringDaniel401View Bio
SebringGardnerC.390View Bio
SeelyAndrewJ.361View Bio
SeelyJonasJudge503View Bio
SeelyNathaniel351View Bio
SelmserGodfrey423View Bio
ServenAbram250View Bio
SharpCharles441View Bio
ShepherdFrankR.365View Bio
ShepherdLev409View Bio
SheridanHugh480View Bio
SilsbyHoraceC.217View Bio
SlackJosephP.206View Bio
SloaneCharlesA.413View Bio
SmeadClarenceD.227View Bio
SmelzerB.T.Hon.158View Bio
SmithEugeneK.238View Bio
SmithPulaskiE.Rev.183View Bio
SniffenJosephH.400View Bio
SnookJesse303View Bio
SnyderAdam419View Bio
SnyderGeorgeA.Hon.138View Bio
SouleStephenF.373View Bio
SouthwickAdinD.491View Bio
SpearyWoodenA.168View Bio
StaceyW.M.M.D.434View Bio
SteeleRichard500View Bio
SteeleRobertR.311View Bio
StevensonR.L.484View Bio
StevensonWilliamA.469View Bio
SunderlinMartinJ.Hon.235View Bio
SuttonCarlosH.385View Bio
SwartwoodBenjaminL.429View Bio
SweetWilliamL.Hon.477View Bio
TaylorZachary63View Bio
TerwilligerAlonzoH.247View Bio
ThomasCharlesE.492View Bio
ThomasGeorgeC.492View Bio
ThomasJamesB.Hon.277View Bio
ThomasLorren460View Bio
ThomasWilliamI.492View Bio
ThorpWalter465View Bio
TravisGilbertRev.125View Bio
TravisHayjaP.270View Bio
TroutmanHarrison448View Bio
TunisonT.C.483View Bio
TwiningJames281View Bio
TylerJohn55View Bio
Van AllenJohnJ.225View Bio
Van BurenMartin47View Bio
Van BuskirkLevi461View Bio
Van CleefWilliamH.354View Bio
Van DuyneMyronJ.467View Bio
Van RiperStephenV.290View Bio
Van SickleGarret493View Bio
VarickRichard501View Bio
VaughanHarrisonL.345View Bio
WagerGeorgeN.370View Bio
WaitWilliamH.Hon.497View Bio
WalshGeorgeC.414View Bio
WarnerJohnW.319View Bio
WashingtonGeorge19View Bio
WassonJamesF.149View Bio
WaughJames422View Bio
WeaverPeter398View Bio
WebbLeeB.119View Bio
WebsterJamesR.333View Bio
WessellBronsonA.330View Bio
WestbrookPeterM.203View Bio
WheelerJohnR.287View Bio
WheelerOgden282View Bio
WilcoxRichardS.193View Bio
WilcoxThomasS.267View Bio
WilcoxenGilbertJudge258View Bio
WillersDiedrichHon.123View Bio
WilliamsJohnT.440View Bio
WilliamsonGeorgeW.403View Bio
WillisCharlesT.Hon.395View Bio
WinfieldCharlesG.452View Bio
WinnThaddeusR.499View Bio
WoodwardArthurC.226View Bio
WoodworthHughH.143View Bio
WrightHenryC.392View Bio
WrightJosephG.425View Bio
YerkesJohnM.433View Bio
YostIsrael145View Bio
Source: Portrait and biographical record of Seneca and Schuyler Counties, New York: containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the counties: together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States. New York Chicago: Chapman Pub. Co., 1895.