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New York Branch of Bells

Jonathan Bell, only son of Francis and Rebecca Bell, was one of the leading men of Stamford , being a selectman, representative, lieutenant and captain. He died March 11, 1699 . He married, first, August 22, 1662 , Mercy Crane. Children, all born in Stamford , were: Jonathan, Hannah and Rebecca. Jonathan Bell married, second, October 31, 1672 , Susanna Pierson. Children, all born in Stamford : Abigail, Abraham, Mercy, John, a daughter, James, Susanne and Mary.

Jonathan Bell, only son of Jonathan and Mercy (Crane) Bell of Stamford, Conn., was born February 14, 1664 . He married, as his second wife, Deborah Ferris.

James Bell, son of Jonathan and Deborah (Ferris) Bell, was born March 17, 1709-10. By his wife Sarah – he had: James, born in 1734; Isaac, 1736; Jacob, 1738; Sarah, 1741; Mary, 1745; Jesse, 1746; Abigail, 1748; Prudence, 1751; Jared, 1755.

Isaac Bell, 1736-1809, second of the name, the immediate ancestor of the New York Bells, married Hannah Holley. Adhering to the royal cause at the time of the Revolution, Isaac Bell and his wife, like other loyalists, suffered many losses.

He owned several mills in Stamford and was also a large shipping merchant in New York . Leaving Connecticut, he came within the British lines in New York, and when the British abandoned the city, in 1783, he took his family to St. Johns, New Brunswick, where they remained for the next five or seven years. He was annually elected chamberlain of the city, as long as he remained in that province. The children of Isaac and Susannah (Smith) Bell were James Bell, Henry Bell, 1765-1773, who was accidentally killed in New York, and was buried in Trinity churchyard; Isaac Bell, born in 1768, and Catharine Bell, born in 1770.

Isaac Bell, third of the name, was born in Stamford . He married Mary Ellis. The sons of Isaac and Mary Bell were John Ellis, died in 1837; James Henry, died 1851; Isaac, August 4, 1815-September 30, 1897, Mary Ellis married Edward R. Bell.

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- Last updated on Sep 20th, 2012

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