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Great Riots of New York 1712-1873

Great Riots of New York 1712-1873

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Draft Riots Map

Draft Riots Map

Great Riots of New York 1712 to 1873, Including a Full and Complete Account of the Four Days’ Draft Riot of 1863

The history of the riots that have taken place in a great city from its foundation, is a curious and unique one, and illustrates the peculiar changes in tone and temper that have come over it in the course of its development and growth. They exhibit also one phase of its moral character, furnish a sort of moral history of that vast, ignorant, turbulent class which is one of the distinguishing features of a great city, and at the same time the chief cause of its solicitude and anxiety, and often of dread.

Great Riots of New York

 Great Riots of New York Sources

  1. The materials for the descriptions of the Black and Doctors’ Riots were gathered from the Archives of the Historical Society; those of the immediately succeeding ones, from the press of the times.
  2. For the scenes and incidents that occurred on the stage and behind the curtain in the Astor place Opera Riot, I am indebted to a pamphlet entitled “Behind the Scenes.”
  3. The materials for the history of the Draft Riots were obtained in part from the Daily Press, and in part from the City and Military Authorities, especially Commissioner Acton, Seth Hawley, General Brown, and Colonel Frothingham, who succeeded in putting them down.
  4. Mr. David Barnes, who published, some ten years ago, a pamphlet entitled “The Metropolitan Police,” kindly furnished me facts relating to the Police Department of great value, and which saved me much labor and time.
  5. Much difficulty has been encountered in gathering together, from various quarters, the facts spread over a century and a half, but it is believed that everything necessary to a complete understanding of the subjects treated of has been given, consistent with the continuity and interest of the narrative.
  6. Of course some minor riots a collection of mobs that were easily dispersed by the police, and were characterized by no prolonged struggle or striking incidents are not mentioned.

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