William Gifford who. according to Huntington’s “History of Stamford, Connecticut,” was sentenced by the court of that settlement to be whipped and banished in 1647 or prior to that time. He is in all probability the same of the name living in Sandwich, Massachusetts, and a member of the grand inquest at Plymouth in 1650. He was one of the first proprietors and settlers of Monmouth, New Jersey, residing there from 1665 to 1670, but with the exception of these years lived in Sandwich until his death. As a firm adherent to the Society of Friends he suffered severely from fines and suits in Massachusetts as well as in New Jersey. He was the owner of land at Sandwich, Falmouth and Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and also in Rhode Island and Connecticut. His death occurred April 9, 1687. He married (first) (second), July 16, 1683, Mary Mills, who died February 10, 1734. Children by first marriage: John, married Elishua Crowell; Hananiah, married Elizabeth ; William, married (first) —–, (second) Lydia Hatch; Christopher. married (first) Meribah (second) Deborah Perry; Robert, see forward; Patience. married Richard Kirby. Children of second marriage: Mary; Jonathan, married Lydia ; James, married Deborah Lewis.