John (2) Alburtis, son of John (1) and Elizabeth (Snediker) Alburtis. was baptized in Jamaica, June 13, 1713. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church founded in 1644 in Hempstead, Long Island, called by its minister, “Christ’s First Church in America.” He built a chapel on his farm at Foster’s Meadow in 1770 which was occupied by the British troops during the revolution, as well as the meeting house in the village. The chapel was moved to the village and the timber used to make tents for the British troops, and the meeting house was used as a stable for horses. He married the widow of his cousin.

Arthur Alburtis, Mary Ater. Their son John also served as elder in this church, and the names of John Burtis Sr. and John Burtis Jr. are on the training list of the district of Cow Neck and Great Neck. These three Johns, grandfather, father and son, one aged eighty-eight, one sixty-three and one twenty-seven, were rebel patriots.