Frank R., son of Rollin L. and Mary F. (Brink) Beecher. was born in Canandaigua. New York, June 18, 1866. He obtained a practical education in the schools of the neighborhood, after which he entered upon his active career, and for about fifteen years conducted successfully an extensive lumber business in Canandaigua. In 1894 he was appointed to the position of postmaster of Canandaigua by the late President Grover Cleveland, the duties of which he performed in a manner that was satisfactory to all concerned. His life is an active and useful one, and he enjoys the respect of all with whom he is brought in contact. He attends the Presbyterian church, and his political affiliation is with the Democratic party. He married Winnie Milner. Children : Rollin M., C. Milner, Frank R., John C.