(V) Cyprian, son of Rev. Timothy Collins, was born at Litchfield, March 4, 1733. In July, 1759, his father deeded to him fifty acres of land that he bought, March 4, 1745, on the west side of East street. Cyprian built his house on a lot of four acres on the west side of East street, bought of Benoni Hills. The house was begun by Hills, occupied later by Cypriot’s son Timothy and with some additions, is still standing, and at last accounts was owned and occupied by Franklin Burton, and was the oldest in the town, still in use as a residence. He had a large family, and was an industrious and influential citizen. He joined the church, September ,8, 1808. He married, January 9, 1755, Azubah Gibbs, of Litchfield, born December 13, 1734, died at Goshen, August 24, 1823. He died January 7, 1809. Children, born at Litchfield : Ambrose, February 28, 1756; Triphena, August 21, 1757; Amanda, March 27, 1759; Philo, January 5, 1761; Anna, November 21, 1762; Luranda, May or August 28, 1764; Rhoda, January 11, 1766; Timothy, January ii, 1767; Cyprian, November 8, 1770, mentioned elsewhere; Phebe, January 26, 1773; Tyrannus, 1775.