(VII) Benjamin, son of Oliver and Nancy (Hart) Childs, was born in Seneca, April 8, 1819; died in that town, January 27, 1878. He was a prosperous farmer, owning one hundred and seven acres of land containing an almost inexhaustible supply of excellent clay, suitable for the production of tile and brick, and he engaged in the manufacture of tile, establishing an industry which proved exceedingly beneficial to the town. This business is now (1910) carried on by his son. Although the tile plant demanded his close attention during a greater part of the year, he still retained his interest in farming, and was quite an extensive dealer in live stock. He married, May 29, 1843, Laura, daughter of Homer and Electa (Hotchkiss) Sherwood, of Fairfield, Vermont. Children, all born in Phelps: 1. Homer Sherwood, born May 27, 1845; is now (1910) secretary and chief inspector of a large lumber company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2. Albert Sherwood, see forward. 3. Hattie Electa, born September 29, 1857.