Return of the Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates who now are and those who have been in Colonel Alexander Scammells Company in the 3rd Battalion of New Hampshire Forces, Commanded by Colonel Alexander Scammell from 1 January 1777, to the 1st of January 1780. Showing the title of their enlistment, discharges, and time of their desertion.

Names When Enlisted and Term Remarks
Sergeant Majors
Adino Goodanouff Dec 16 1776. War Discharged Dec 22, 1778
Neal McGaffey Jan 30 1777. 3 Year Promoted Dec 22, 1778 & Promoted to Ensign to take rank Nov 14, 1777
Edward Mason Jan 30 1777. War Promoted to a Serg. Maj. Feb 1, 1780
Quarter Master Sergeant
John Jones Apr 1 1777. War
John Harvey Feb 22 1777. 3 Year appointed to Ensign May 1 1778
Michael Parks