JOSEPH2-1 KENYON was b. March 15, 1761; m. Hepsediah Parker. Remained on the homestead and good authority says they had sixteen children, but several of their names, together with the dates of birth, marriage and death of many of the family cannot be found, therefore the order of the eleven children as given may not be correct. He d. April 11, 1842. children, as far as ascertained:

1. MARY, b. —— ; m. first, Jan. 10, 1805, Jesse Lombard in Windsor, Vt.; m. second, —— Cleveland.
2. JOSEPH, JR., b. ; m. Sarah Palmer. Six children. He was drum major in the militia and was ever after given the title of “Major.” He was a worthy man and member of the Congregational Church in Plainfield.
3. ELIJAH P., b.1803 (?).
4. STEPHEN, b. ; m. . He was a lame man, He attended the toll bridge at Windsor several years.
5. DANIEL, b. ; m. Sarah Eggleston, dau. of Col. and Betsey (Fullam) Eggleston. She d. May 12, 1907. A son of theirs (Geo. D.) d. in Claremont Feb. 21, 1901, aged 45 years, 4 months, 24 days. He bad m. Lizzie E. Bartlett, dau. of Sylvester N. Bartlett. Daniel d. about 1893.
6. PHEBE, b. —–, m. Camp.
7. HEPSEDIAH, b. 1816; m. William Godfrey. Lived in Lebanon
8. ELIZA, twin, m. James Godfrey, a brother of William. Lived in Enfield. He was a shoemaker; she a milliner. They d. about 1890.
9. ISAAC C., twin, b. 1816.
10. GEORGE DANA, b. 1817.
11. JAMES E., b. Jan. 9, 1833; m. ; d. in Plainfield Aug. 5, 1909.