POTTERSVILLE (p. o.) is a hamlet located in the southwestern part of the town, its name being derived from the extensive potteries that once thrived here. Clay of an excellent quality, is found here, and the business was commenced by David Thurston, in 1795. Jonathan Flood Southwick, from Danvers, Mass., purchased Mr. Thurston’s shop, and continued the business till his death, when it passed into the hands of Jedediah K. Southwick. The non-intercourse and embargo acts, and the war with England, gave such an impulse to the manufacture of this kind of ware, that some eight or ten shops were built in the vicinity. From the close of the war, in 1815, however, the business began to decline, and finally became one of the things of the past. The name of the first workman in the village was Felton, who came from Danvers, Mass.