William P. Wheeler, son of Col. Nathaniel Wheeler, was born in Croyden, July 31, 1812. He was educated at Kimball Union academy, studied law at Keene, graduated at Harvard Law school, and was admitted to practice in 1842, settling in Keene. He received the degree of A. M. from Dartmouth college in 1850. For ten years he was county solicitor. In 1855 and 1857 he was candidate for congress. As a lawyer Mr. Wheeler stood high, ranking with the ablest in the state. In preparing a case, in examining witnesses, in arguing before a jury, in preparing a brief, and in arguing before the supreme court he was equally able and distinguished. He was a man of the strictest integrity, and won the confidence of all. He was warm-hearted, generous, hospitable, fluent in speech-often eloquent, sometimes sarcastic and cutting, well read and successful. He died in May, 1876.