PAUL JACOBS, son of Whitman Jacobs, was born in 1783. He married Prudence, daughter of Jonah Stow. He was a man of great energy of character, and was eminently practical in his views. He was one of the largest and best farmers in town, often kept a dairy of thirty cows, and other stock in proportion. He brought to town several choice breeds of cattle and sheep. He was the main instrument in getting the river-road through from . the Flat to the East Village-a deed that entitles his memory to the respect of all after-generations of his townsmen. He built a factory at the Flat for the manufacture of potato starch. The same year in which he died-not living to quite complete the work-he built the church at the Flat, at his own expense, at a cost of some two thousand dollars, and gave it to the Universalist Society-thus attesting both his religious faith and his generosity. He was Selectman in 1832, and Representative in 1831 and 1835. He died September 16, 1854, aged 71 years.