Ivah Newton, born in Phillipstown, Mass., came to Hinsdale when a young man, married Sally, daughter of Daniel Rugg, one of the pioneers of the town, and settled in the northeastern part, where Hosea Butler now lives. He was the father of seven children, only three of whom are now living. Albert G., eldest son of Ivah, married first Emily Ide, who was the mother of his nine children. For his second wife he married widow Ruth Wood, of Templeton, Mass. Mr. Newton finally settled on the farm his son Rawson H. now occupies. Here he passed the latter thirty years of his life, dying in May, 1884, aged seventy-seven years. Two others of the family reside in the town, viz.: Mrs. Julia Davenport and Mrs. William Royce Another, Mrs. Hubbard Allen, resides in Orange, Mass.