HENRY BRECK, now eighty-one years of age, was a native of Boston. He came to Croydon in 1807, and was clerk in. the store at the Flat, owned by his brothers, William and. James. In 1815, he purchased their interest and continued. in trade there until 1818, when he removed to Four Corners,. where he continued in business until 1837, when he removed to Cornish Flat. On the death of his brother William, in 1848, he removed to Claremont, and settled on the” homestead” where he now lives. Mr. Breck took an active part in the erection of the Church at the Four Corners, assuming to himself one-fourth part the entire expense of the edifice. He was an active business man, and held many offices. In 1818, married Keziah Marsh, who died in 1826. In 1828, married Sarah Town, of Grantham.