Aaron Royce came from Rhode Island at an early day. He has four children, one son and three daughters. His son David was born in town, married Harriet Streeter, of Hinsdale. N. H., and located in Hinsdale. After living here and in different parts of New Hampshire and Vermont for severa years, he moved to Charleston, Vt., where he and his wife both died. He reared a family of nine children, six of whom are living. Of these, Burnham lives in Boston; Harriet married H. Osman, and lives in Vermont; Cynthia in Lyndon, Vt.; Charles and Clark in Charleston, Vt.; and Lyman, a farmer, resides in Chesterfield. The latter married Eveline C. Hildreth, and has had born to him six children, as follows: Ellis D., of this town; Harriet L., Anna J., and Adelar, who are dead; Isabel, who married H. M. Butler, and Herman D., who is also dead.