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2nd New Hampshire Regiment

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A return of the Field, Staff & other Commissioned Officers that are or ever have been in the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment  with the time of their Appointments, promotions, deaths, discharge or resignation since the 1st Jan 1777 to 1st January 1780.

Appointed Officers Names Rank Remarks
Nov 8 1776 Enoch Poor Colonel Promoted to Brig General Feb 21, 1777
do Nathaniel Hale Lt Col Promoted to Colonel Prisoner July 7, 1777
do Winborn Adams Major Promoted to Lt Col Apr 7, 1777. Killed 19 Sep, 1777.
Mar 5, 1778 George Reid Lt Col Com
Nov 8, 1776 Benjamin Titcomb Captain Promoted to Major 2nd Apr 1777.
do William Elliot adjutant Prisoner July 7, 1777
do Jeremiah Fogg Pay Mast appointed to Capt. Oct. 9, 1777, resigned Pay Mast Oct 17, 1779.
do Richard Brown Quar Mast resigned 22 Aug 1778 —
do William Parker Surgeon resigned 31 Nov 1778 —
do Pelitiah Warren Mate resigned 19 Oct 1777 —
William Wood Mate
Aug 18, 1777 William Matthew Bell Adjutant
Nov 18, 1779 James Carr Pay Mast
Aug 23, 1778 Joseph Potter Quart Mast
Oct 24, 1779 Robert R. Henry Surgeon
Nov 8, 1776 James Norris Captain Promoted to major in 3rd Reg 20 Sep 1777.
do William Rowell Lieut Promoted to Captain 2 Apr 1777
do John Colcord Lieut resigned May 6, 1777
Apr 2, 1777 James Nichols Lieut furloughed 1 Apr. 30 days not returned
Nov 8, 1776 Josiah Meloon Ensign left out of new Arrangement
Enoch Chase Lieut Promoted to Captain 22 Dec 1777
Sam Nute Lieut resigned
Apr 2, 1777 Joseph Merrow Ensign
Nov 8, 1776 Fred M. Bell Captain died 9 Oct. 1779
do Jethrow Heard Lieut resigned May 8, 1777
May 9, 1777 Thomas Hardy Lieut resigned Aug 27, 1778
Nov 8, 1776 Ebenezer Light Lieut
do Samuel Adams Ensign Promoted to Lieut Oct 9, 1777 —
do Caleb Robinson Capt
do Moses Dustin Lieut Promoted to Captain 20 Sep 1777 —
do Micah Hoit Lieut Furloughed 1 Apr 30 days not returned
do Luke Woodbury Ensign Promoted to Lieut 20 Sep 1777
do James Carr Captain
do Samuel Cherry Lieut Promoted to Captain Lieutenant
do Pelitiah Whitemore Lieut
do George P. Frost Ensign Promoted to 2nd Lieut. 20 Sep & to 1st Lieut 22 Dec. 1777 —
do John Drew Captain resigned Aug 31, 1778
do William Wallas Lieut Furloughed in Oct 1777, & not returned
do David Gilman Lieut Cashiered 9 Nov 1778
do William Matthew Bell Ensign Promoted to Lieut 6 May, 1777
do Elijah Clayes Captain Died of his wound sometime in Nov 1779
do Samuel Bradford Lieut left out of the new Arrangement
do John Potter Lieut
do William Taggart Ensign Promoted to Lieut 22 Dec 1777
do Samuel Blodget Captain resigned 22 Dec 1777
do James Crombie Lieut left out of the new Arrangement
do Noah Robinson Lieut
do David Forsyth Ensign Dead May 10, 1778 —
May 6, 1777 Daniel Gookin Ensign
Sep 16, 1777 Caleb Blodget Ensign
Sep 20, 1777 George Burnham Ensign
Oct 9, 1777 William Twombly Ensign
Dec 22, 1777 Thomas Challis Ensign


MLA Source Citation: Web. 24 July 2016.
- Last updated on Sep 20th, 2013

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