Dr. James Russell, dentist, Albion, has resided at Albion the past two years, engaged in the practice of medicine and dentistry, making a specialty of the cure of cancers, in which he is said to be very successful. He has also been engaged in developing his farm, in Greeley County, Neb., during his residence in Albion. He has been engaged in the practice of dentistry during the past twenty years. He was born in Middlesex, Vt., in 1823, living there until 1859, when he moved to Wisconsin where he resided about ten years. He then went to Howard County, Iowa, living there until he moved to Albion. He was married in Concord, Vt., in 1849, to Miss Sarah Ann Howard, who died in 1858, leaving three children–Mary, Curtis H. and Clarence. He was again married, in 1858, to Miss Adaline S. Howard. They have one child–Nettle I.