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Yurok Indians

Yurok – Signifying “downstream” in the language of the neighboring Karok. Also called:

Yurok Connections. The Yurok were originally regarded as an independent stock, later combined with the Wiyot into the Ritwan family, and still later identified by Kroeber and Sapir as a part of the great Algonquian family of the east. This last identification has not, however, met with entire acceptance.

Yurok Location. On the lower Klamath River and along the coast to the north and south of it.

Yurok Subdivisions. Two dialects differing but little from each other may be distinguished; one spoken in the southernmost coast section, the districts of the Big Lagoon and Trinidad; the other, in the remainder of Yurok territory.

Yurok Villages

Yurok Population. Kroeber (1932) estimates 2,500 Yurok in 1770; the census of 1910 returned 668, and that of 1930, 471.