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Yokuts Indians

Yokuts – The name for “person,” or “people,” in many of the dialects of the group. Also called:

Yokuts Connections. —The Yokuts were originally considered a distinct linguistic family but have now been made a part of the large Penutian stock.

Yokuts Location.— – On the entire floor of San Joaquin Valley from the mouth of San Joaquin River to the foot of Tehachapi, and the adjacent lower slopes or foothills of the Sierra Nevada, up to an altitude of a few thousand feet, from Fresno River south.

Yokuts Subdivisions and Villages

These were as follows:

Yokuts Population.— Kroeber (1932) estimates 18,000 Yokuts in 1770 and 600 in 1910, based on the census report of 533. The census of 1930 returned 1,145.