Granganameo. A son of Ensenore and brother of Wingina, chiefs of Wingandacoa (Secotan), N. C., and leading man of the tribe in 1585. He is noted chiefly for the friendly aid shown by him to Ami-das and Barlow and to Grenville and the accompanying English sent out by Sir Walter Raleigh in the year named. His residence was on Roanoke id, Albemarle sd. As Wingina was confined to his house by a wound when Amidas and Barlow arrived, Granganameo, as acting sachem, received the adventurers kindly and, ac cording to the account given by them, sent them “commonly every day” deer, rabbits, fish, and sometimes various fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for the English colonists he died before a year expired. (C. T.)

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