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Wappo Indians

Wappo. An Americanization of Spanish Guapo. “brave,” given them on account of their stubborn resistance to Spanish military aggression. Also called:

Wappo Connections. The Wappo language constituted a very divergent form of speech of the Yukian linguistic family.

Wappo Location. On the headwaters of Napa River and Pope and Putah Creeks, and a stretch of Russian River.

Wappo Subdivisions and Villages

Following are their dialectic divisions and the villages in each, the names in italic being principal towns in as many village communities:

Driver (1939) adds the following names of camp sites, presumably in the country of the Western Wappo: Halfsh-wah1 k-holma, Ho’lko-mota, Hut-mitul, Nuya-hotsa, Tcano-nayuk, Ts’awo-tul, Tikomota, Walma-pesite.

Wappo Population. Kroeber (1925) estimates 1,000 Wappo in 1770 as a maximum; the census of 1910 returned 73. (See Yuki.)