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Twana Indians

Twana Indians. Said to signify “a portage,” referring to that between the upper end of Hoods Canal and the headwaters of Puget Sound. Also called:

Twana Connections. The Twana constituted one dialectic group of the coastal division of the Salishan stock.

Twana Location. On both sides of Hoods Canal. Later they were placed on Skokomish Reservation.

Twana Subdivisions and Villages

Eels (1877) gave the following:

Smith (1941) lists the following villages:

Twana Population. Mooney (1928) gives the Twana, Skokomish, and Squaxon together a population of 1,000 in 1780. In 1853 they were estimated to total about 265. The census of 1910 gave 61 Twana and 195 Skokomish, and the United States Office of Indian Affairs returned 206 Skokomish in 1937.