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Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek

A treaty of perpetual friendship, cession and limits entered into by John H. Eaton and John Coffee, for and in behalf of the Government of the United States and the Mingos, Chiefs, Captains and Warriors of the Choctaw Nation, being held at Dancing Rabbit Creek on the fifteenth of September in the year eighteen hundred and thirty.

Article 14. Each Choctaw head of a family being desirous to remain and become a citizen of the States, shall be permitted to do so, by signifying his intention to the Agent within six months from the ratification of this Treaty, and he or she shall thereupon be entitled to a reservation of one section of six hundred and forty acres of land, to be bounded by sectional lines of survey; in like manner shall be entitled to one half that quantity for each unmarried child which is living with him over ten years of age; and a quarter section to such child as may be under 10 years of age, to adjoin the location of the parent. If they reside upon said lands intending to become citizens of the States for five years after the ratification of this Treaty, in that case a grant in fee simple shall issue; said reservation shall include the present improvement of the head of the family, or a portion of it. Persons who claim under this article shall not lose the privilege of a Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any portion of the Choctaw annuity.

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