This section of our website is being created for those who have searched in vain for their Mississippi Choctaw Ancestors.  Many knowledgeable people have contributed information to help you find these missing ancestors.  Because of the controversy of the Article 14 Claimants it may not be possible to establish tribal affiliation, but with the help of so many it may be possible to prove that your family was indeed Native American.

We are providing the information we find here to give you the opportunity to search the best possible places to find your ancestors.  Many articles, books and lists have been made in regards to the Mississippi Choctaw and we are finding more as we search. In time hopefully you will find the information you need to establish your family connection.

We are providing you with many forms of research, places to search, how to search, most of us do not do research for others, but can provide you with names of people who do research for a fee.

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