What is now the State of Alabama and the northwest corner of the State of Georgia had a very different ethnic pattern before and after 1763.  That was the year that Great Britain decisively defeated the Kingdom of France and established a claim on all North America, east of the Mississippi and north of the Great Lakes.  British Colonial leaders had promised the lands of France’s Creek, Koasati and Alabama Indian allies to the Cherokees and those Creek towns in Georgia and South Carolina that were allied with Great Britain.  With this change, Creek territory in Alabama changed from being a narrow band along the eastern edge of the future state’s boundaries to approximately 75% of its future area. The series of articles on French Louisiana will examine the colonial history of eastern Louisiana and how it impacted the Creek People.

  1. Early European Explorers
  2. Early Colonization of La Louisiane
  3. Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713)